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IDW Limited: The Nerdgasm Felt Around the World

Just when I thought IDW could not become anymore awesome, they’ve gone and launched IDW Limited.

Are you one of those comic book fans that goes out of his or her way to find special editions of your beloved titles? Are you constantly on the lookout for extra bells and whistles to add to your collection? Are you one of those geeks who simply cannot and will not rest until you have the best of the best when it comes to your favorite comic book heroes?

Well then, look no further!

IDW Limited is just the place for you to merrily frolic and otherwise bask in geeky glory. Like its title might imply, IDW Limited specializes in extremely limited editions and packages of their comic book titles…but don’t think that this awesomeness ends there. There are not one, not two, but three levels of awesomeness in which you can choose to revel…

Red Label, Black Label and Blue Label–each coming with their own sets of bells and whistles as well as their own limited supply. Red Label is limited to 175 copies, Black Label is 25 copies, and Blue Label is 10 copies.

According to Jerry Bennington, IDW Limited’s Director, “We wanted to give fans a top-of-the-line creative experience with the books they love in a truly special format.” He went on to add, “These rare editions will not only be special and limited in quantity, they’ll also include unique content found nowhere else. This may be the only way most fans could ever hope to own a signature, sketch or illustration from one of their favorite artists or creators.”

The first book offered through this amazing service will be the four-issue collection of IDW’s best-selling new series Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1, Change Is Constant. The Deluxe Limited Edition will be released in three tiers, each with extremely low quantities available exclusively through the IDW limited website, Fans can expect original signatures from TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman, series artist Dan Duncan, and series writer Tom Waltz, as well as unique sketch art from Dan Duncan packaged with each book in a specially hand-constructed, deluxe case.

What can be expected within each Label for all of you dedicated fans?

Red Label Edition is limited to 175 copies, features a custom cover, is housed in a limited edition slipcase and paired with an artist’s portfolio containing a unique, spot-color sketch of one of the Ninja Turtles done by series artist Dan Duncan.

Black Label Edition is limited to 25 copies featuring the IDW Limited custom cover and is housed in a hand-built traycase, along with an artist’s portfolio containing a multi-color illustration of two classic TMNT characters by series artist Dan Duncan.

Blue Label Edition, the rarest tier being offered (and which unfortunately sold out in two hours), is limited to only 10 copies!  For this special version, series artist Dan Duncan will be creating full-color illustrations of the entire Turtle team in action. Each book is packaged with the IDW Limited cover inside a hand-built tray case.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Yeah, I thought so too! Oh, if only I had a few extra hundred bucks lying around, I would be all over it! Oh, well…c’est la vi.

Have you hugged your nerd today?

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