IKEA Singapore Cosplayer Spotlight Commercial


For better or worse cosplay is becoming mainstream.  And for all of the times that the mainstreaming process may make my fellow cosplayers and I roll our eyes, there are shinning moments that make us smile.  IKEA released a new commercial in Singapore that puts the biggest smile on the faces of many of my fellow cosplayers.



As part of their Bedroom Stories series of videos we get to see the bedroom of a gentlemen cosplayer Frank who has a very common problem, lack of storage space.  In what is in my opinion an amazing transformation we get to see the awesome power of IKEA products and what they can do to transform our homes.  Its good every once in a while to see that IKEA is not just some Oak, and some Pine, and a handful of Norsemen. 


The most compelling part of this commercial is the respect with which Frank and his hobby are treated.  One of the side effects of cosplay becoming part of popular culture is the contempt and ridicule some members of the community face when they interact with different outlets of the “mainstream” media.  That is in no way the case here.  Frank is depicted as just a regular guy with an amazing hobby.

The commercial used a very adorable treatment to display all of Frank’s costumes, props, and wigs as they used stop motion photography to show them leaving the apartment to prepare for the remodel.  I think however the most important part of this video is that the folks from IKEA did not just redo Frank’s bedroom in the way that was the most pleasing to the designer.  They did not just hide all of his costume pieces away.  All of the cosplay accoutrements were displayed proudly in the newly redesigned room.  Costume pieces and wigs where put in places from which they would be easily accessible and is collections were displayed proudly.  It is nice to see that the designers were able to keep so much of Frank’s personality in the room while making it tidy.

I can’t help but wish for my own organizational fairy to show up to my home and organize the mess that I call a workspace.  IKEA’s Singaporean marketing team did an amazing job selling their products because I want to buy just about every product they featured… which isn’t really saying much because I practically live on their site as it is.


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