“I’m Already Tracer” on Tik Tok Garners Unreasonable Hatred

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“I’m Already Tracer”‘s new home may be on Tik Tok but it is currently under fire, attracting negative attention. Because it’s so cool to be hateful, NOT. 

Tik Tok and “I’m Already Tracer”

Tik Tok is not your ordinary app. Similar to, Tik Tok is a Chinese-developed app wherein people upload videos lip-syncing and showcasing their talent. Yes, to be entertaining—being a creator on this app is a talent. Bite me. Despite its popularity, Tik Tok creators are often the subject of scrutiny, unreasonable hatred and basically very judgemental, lacking-in-manners type of people. In addition to that, Tik Tok is often belittled by other social media creators who are painfully unaware that they are no better. 

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“I’m Already Tracer”

“I’m Already Tracer” is a popular video. Its creator is an Overwatch fan. 

Disclaimer: I am not an Overwatch player so I am not that well-versed in this. 

In summary, “I’m Already Tracer” is a video about two players who don’t see eye to eye. The male player threatens to quit the team. Meanwhile, the female player does not want to play support. Hence, their team loses the match. This video dates back to January 2017 and uses the song and animation of “No Mercy” by Mashed of the Living Tombstones. 

Female Teens and “Cringeworthy” Things

The video of “I’m Already Tracer” is now on Tik Tok, with many of its users doing their thing. Which is to create seconds of videos for the sake of entertainment. Overwatch is a PS4 game, not sure if it can be played on PS3 and PS2. Which is one of the reasons why the Tik Tok users, mostly female (sexist alert!), are now under fire for it. For not plugging into PS2s and being girls.

Look, it’s fine if you find it cringeworthy. However, what is not all right is wishing their death and basically bullying them under the protection of a bloody screen!

If you find it your duty to harass teens for a fifteen-second video, then you also deserve to be called out for being a coward! Why? The screen protects you unless your identity is spilled online. Then, you can cry “victim” because you’ve been exposed. 

It’s fine for teens to have fun online via Tik Tok. If it’s cringeworthy, you can leave it be. That or leave a constructive comment. Must the words truly be so hateful? 

Misogyny and Hate to the Point of UNREASONABLE

Many of the comments from both creators and commentators with a degree in perfection are now making money and wasting their time hating teen girls. Not only do these people leave sexist comments, but they’ve also put out death threats and posted videos online to give their unneeded advice. That, and claiming female gamers are bad at everything. They call themselves “critics.”

These people aren’t critics. They’re bad people. YES, BAD PEOPLE. Bad for not remembering that once upon a time, they were teens too. Like the generation before them, they’ve been under fire for anything and everything they’ve done. Netizens who just feel like being hateful is a good thing. It’s not.

We know nothing of what goes on behind the screen. Maybe these teens find solace and appreciation from this site. Also, these vids give them the freedom to create and expose their talents. Yes, some just lipsync. So what? They find it FUN. Who are we to judge? Unless the theme is violent and perpetuates wrong values, there’s nothing wrong in letting them have fun.


Shame! Shame! 

To those who find it fun to tear down teens for having fun: Tik Tok isn’t harmful unless the creators are committing a crime, or as I’ve said before, encouraging violence and medieval beliefs. The unreasonable behaviors of netizens are the reason why there is a need for transparency. Yes, you can use a different name. But once you do such things online, then you should be arrested for it.
Really? Death threats? Wishing them death? Tearing them apart for trying a new thing? Shame on these people and if you’re one of them, SHAME ON YOU. You’re not only setting a bad example, but you’re also a part of the problem. 

To those who are creating these vids, take this as a challenge. You’re a girl wanting to test your creativity? Go for it! Female gamer or nerd? Just do it! You do you, sweetie!

For those netizens who find it fun to bully? SHAME! SHAME!

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