Movie News: Indiana Jones 5 Confirmed with Harrison Ford

The infamous archaeologist Indiana Jones is officially coming back in “a fifth epic adventure”! Rumors of another movie in the Indiana Jones series have flourished in the eight years since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), but the main question on everyone’s mind was who would play the title role?

The creative team tried to pass the buck on to Shia LeBeouf in the fourth movie, but after poor critical and fan reception, plans were dropped. Thanks to the success of both Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, many people suggested Chris Pratt for the role in a reboot of the series, and for a while it looked like even Steven Spielberg, director of all four Indiana Jones movies, approved this casting decision.

Indiana Jones Ford

But in spite of rumors to the contrary, Harrison Ford will once again step up as Indiana Jones when the character returns to the big screen. In Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Jones was aged up to reflect how much older Ford was, but it’s unclear if the yet-to-be-titled Indiana Jones 5 will pull the same trick.

The 73-year-old actor recently returned to the role of Han Solo for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a performance that was well-received. However, even Star Wars has recognized that Ford can’t reprise the role forever, starting the search for a younger version of the character for the Han Solo installment of the Star Wars anthology series.

But maybe the Indiana Jones team is playing it smart. The shortlists for Han Solo have been met with a strong negative reaction from fans, and it’s hard to imagine recasting the iconic Indiana Jones would be any easier.

Also returning to the Indiana Jones franchise is director Steven Spielberg, but George Lucas, who co-created the character and wrote the first three movies, reportedly will not be involved. Given that many fans blame Lucas for the problems in both Indiana Jones and Star Wars, this may be welcome news.

Beyond that, most of the details of the project are being kept tightly under wraps. Rumors have already started that Chris Pratt, Shia LeBeouf, or some other young actor could be included in Indiana Jones 5 in an effort to once again extend the life of the series. However, in the past few months, the creative team has denied recasting rumors, stating, “There is only going to be one actor playing Indiana Jones, and that’s Harrison Ford.”

Indiana Jones 5 has been scheduled for release of July 19, 2019. It will likely replace the previously announced Marvel’s Inhumans, but 2019 remains a good year for Disney – and for nerds everywhere –with Captain Marvel, Avengers: Infinity War Part II, and Star Wars: Episode IX still in the works.

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