Future DLC Info Hidden in Mass Effect 3’s Extended Cut

Discovered by user ULT1M4T3xPL on Bioware’s Social Network forums, it would appear that clues to the next downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 were hidden in the files of the new Extended Cut.

Reactions to the Extended Cut, released yesterday, have been mixed, but for this gamer, the DLC provided a feeling of closure and finality. Some of the attempts to fill plot holes were a bit ham fisted, but I’ll give kudos to Bioware for actually putting in the effort. For me, the EC was a balm for the confusion and dissatisfaction that followed the original endings.

But what about that new, secret, hidden DLC? Spoilers all the way down.

According to files pulled from the EC, the new DLC is titled Leviathan of Dis. Buried in the files are snippets of the script, and here is what I pieced together.

In the new storyline, Shepard and his crew arrive at an indoctrinated mining facility on an asteroid. There, they find a rogue Reaper named Leviathan who has defected from the rest of the Reaper forces. Leviathan has indoctrinated all those at the facility, and it’s up to Shepard to recruit Leviathan for the war effort. But is that really such a good idea?

As for gameplay, it looks like some scenes will take place underwater in a submersible. My guess is it will be a return to the vehicle driving gameplay, as seen previously with the Mako of Mass Effect and the Hammerhead of Mass Effect 2’s DLC Firewalker.

And now, here is my favorite completely out-of-context line from Leviathan of Dis:

“I don’t want any tentacled creature inside your mind… except me.”

There has been no official word from Bioware about new DLC, so the release date and cost are unknown.

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