Inhumanity — Marvel’s Answer to DC’s ‘Trinity War’?

Marvel's Inhumanity
Inhumanity hits the shelves Fall 2013

When I first heard about this concept from Marvel, I was actually somewhat skeptical; Inhumanity seemed like a sneaky way of jumping on the zombie craze that’s been sweeping the nation. After reading some more about it, I now realize that this could be a very interesting storyline that will intrigue new readers and Marvel veterans alike.

Inhumanity will take place directly after the events of Infinity , which “jumpstarts a long- dormant genetic inhuman strain.” Essentially some sort of genetic material that lay dormant inside some humans for centuries is activated and these people now find that they have strange, new super-human abilities. Leading the Inhumans is the Royal Family, consisting of Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Triton, among others, as they try to find their place in the Marvel universe, as well as fight for dominance of their new race. In an interview with, Marvel Editor In Chief, Axel Alonso, hints at a pending conflict between these new Inhumans and those who don’t carry the aforementioned gene, as well as our heroes, including: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man, and Wolverine.

There are many questions to still be answered about this upcoming series, several of which will probably not be answered until the release of the first couple of installments that are due later in the year.

The Inhumans are described as “super-powerful” and I feel like it can be assumed that there will be an ensuing war between this new race of super humans and the traditional  Marvel heroes– and maybe even the unaffected humans, a three sided war.

It is still very early, but one can wonder, is this Marvel’s answer to DC Comic’s ‘Trinity War” which just kicked off earlier this month? Although the Inhumans are here for the long term, it most certainly could be. And who doesn’t enjoy a nice competition?

Matt Fraction (Hawkeye) and Joe Madureira (The Savage Wolverine) bring this new, universe changing phenomenon to life this fall in Inhuman #1, for what is expected to be one of Marvel’s biggest series of 2014.


Side Note: Is it just me or does their teaser poster look a lot like another character we know…?

Are you Inhuman?Superman Earth One hmmm…

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