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Issue #2 Launching Soon 

We at Word of the Nerd love supporting indie comic creators and I Am Hexed #1 was a fantastic read. It was a successfully launched Kickstarter comic book paralleling the social unrest in today’s world with the struggles of modern-day witches.

Issue 2 of the comic series is launching on Kickstarter this April and we sat down with Kirsten Thompson to see what we can expect. 

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Therese: I am Hexed #1 was a fantastic read and a personal fave of mine, can you tell us where the original idea came from?

Kirsten: That’s so great to hear, I’m glad you’re enjoying the story so far! The idea for I AM HEXED came out of several things, one being my love of magic and all things witchy (and being a witch), but also the current state of the world. What if, when people talk about witch hunts, there are ACTUAL WITCHES DOING MAGIC BEHIND THE SCENES EVERYWHERE? There you have it.

Can you give someone who’s never read I Am Hexed a crash course?

I Am Hexed #2 Kickstater Exclusive Variant Cover by Becca Farrow
I Am Hexed #2 Kickstater Exclusive Variant Cover by Becca Farrow

Sure. Witches have been a part of the fabric of society since the beginning of history. Their involvement has been overt or covert depending on the state of the world. Now, they are fighting for equal rights. Charlie is a witch working in Washington D.C. whose boss gets caught up in a political plot, which she is then swept into – and has to get answers as to why she’s Wanted Witch #1. Along the way, she gets help from Jaya, her ex-girlfriend, Florence, witch and scientist, and an accidentally carnivorous plant.

Can you tell me a bit about the collaboration process?

I write the scripts and Christianne Gillenardo-Goudreau does her thumbnails and sketches of the pages. Once they’re reviewed and any notes are added, she gets them finished, inked and colored. Taylor Esposito is doing the letters and he came up with a font and color scheme that is fabulous for the book.

In regards to the covers, those begin with a general concept, and the artists the team works with does a sketch, notes are passed back and forth and then they complete it. Everyone does such amazing work that the process is really smooth and a lot of fun.

What’s been your favorite part of the process?

I love writing these characters and digging into their lives and the world. Also, getting to see them come alive in the art is fantastic and I get excited with every page and print that’s created.

Is there any particular character that you identify with?

All of them? Each of them has traits that I identify with, and overall this is a story with queer ladies at the forefront and that’s really the thing.

As a queer cis woman I really enjoyed how the story grapples with real-world issues can you give us an idea of what you’ve planned for issue #2

There are a bunch of things I could say but would spoil the story! However, you do start to get a real sense of the extent to which witches have formed their own society, complete with an overarching governing body, and they can be kind of…problematic for Charlie, Jaya, and Florence as they search for answers. Additionally, you get to see Florence in her lab doing lots of cool witch-science things, and those scenes were a lot of fun to write and the art looks great!

What can you tell us about the Kickstarter campaign for issue #2

The Kickstarter for the second issue has a lot of terrific rewards, including digital and print copies of the issue, art prints, a temporary tattoo, enamel pin, and other cool swag to be revealed!

Thanks Again

Thanks a million to Kirsten for taking the time to speak with us and we wish them all the best for I Am Hexed, issue #2 launching on Kickstarter in April 2019.


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