Invincible Iron Man Gets a New Team

Marvel love their teasers. They put out more than any other company and it certainly grabs our attention. Now, they are teasing a whole new team for Invincible Iron Man.

Coming in November, Kieron Gillen and Greg Land will be taking over the series, which has been one of Marvel’s best selling titles.

Here’s the teaser in question:

This is part of the Marvel Now! relaunch which will see a number of books going back to issue one and new teams taking over. We already have quite a lot of information for Uncanny Avengers #1 but this is the first for Iron Man.

Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca have been on Invincible Iron Man for quite some time now, building the book up to new heights. They have done incredible story lines with the character and have made him stand out from the rest, creating one of the best selling books for Marvel.

Taking Fraction off of the book seems like quite a risk for Marvel but Gillen must have something pretty special lined up. The character has played a big role in events such as Avengers Vs X-Men and Civil War so expect big things to continue.

The teaser doesn’t specifically say Invincible Iron Man which leads to the question, will all teasers be like this? Will we have Soldier for Captain America? Smash for Hulk? Thunder for Thor?

What do you think about the new creative team? Will they outdo Fraction and Larroca? Will you pick up the new Invincible Iron Man?

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