Is It Time for an X-Files Reboot?


“The Truth Is Out There”: Is It Time to Reboot The X-Files?

If you know me you know I am a big X-Files fan. I actually didn’t get into The X-Files until around 2005. I used to buy the seasons and binge-watch them while in college. Supernatural things and cryptids have always been a favorite of mine, so a lot of the X-Files episodes were right up my alley. Then it also introduced me to government conspiracies, cover-ups, and I was hooked!

The X-Files season 5 posterI really loved all the seasons of X-Files (okay, maybe not that last season, let’s forget about that one). But it seems like back in the day, when you talked about conspiracies and such, it was wild and wacky. Like you got odd looks, or people watched the show like those things could never happen. Well, welcome to 2020; we are basically living in The X-Files.

Now you log into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever new social media the kids are using (if you want to know how old I am, I recently googled “why is tik tok popular?”, so I am that many years old) and everyone has a conspiracy, whether its right-wing, left-wing, about COVID, Russia, the election, Epstein—the list goes on and on. We got murder hornets, UFO sighting, the Loch Ness Monster made a comeback! So it seems like the perfect climate for an X-Files reboot.

Do It Again

Look, I am talking about a full-on reboot, too. I want new actors playing Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. New writers, as well. We don’t need any more new seasons in the old world; I think season 11 proved that. I don’t want those other agents taking over the X-Files. The world of the original X-Files has run its course. We need some new, fresh actors and writers on this thing. Sure, we can have some fun cameos with past actors, but I want new people playing everybody.

I want new scenarios, new conspiracies, and new monsters! Sure, they can tread some old ground and bring back some classics. But there is a wealth of stuff that writers can pull directly from the headlines and insert it into an episode. I think people would absolutely eat all this up. I mean, everyone is into this right now. Everyone has turned into Fox Mulder and Dana Scully online. 

Stream It

Fox still owns The X-Files, so it would have to land on Hulu, I guess, which is fine and dandy. I think it needs to follow the same formula as the original X-Files: episodic yet serial at the same time. Look, we can all agree the “monster of the week” episodes are the best of the bunch from The X-Files. Those are the ones I usually go back and re-watch the most. Sure, there are some good ones that fit into the overall arching plot that traveled through the series. But that convoluted, confusing piece of storytelling was easily not the high point of the series. This would be a time to fix that as well.

I would suggest a mixture of the two. We can have regular, episodic “monster of the week” episodes but maybe have an overarching story in the background and stories that deal with that narrative. I think this could fix the problem of that confusing story arc of the original series. We could tighten that up and have a bit more cohesiveness to it.

The X-Files was also one of those shows that could do everything well. You had horror episodes, love stories, sci-fi, comedy, police procedural, and on and on. It had variety and you could always expect a little something different with it. 


I guess the hardest part is finding actors to replace David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. I mean, they are an iconic duo. That may be the only reason not to do a reboot. I am not sure if I can personally see anybody else playing Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. But I am sure there are some actors out there that could pull it off.

I do not watch enough television or movies to give any kind of fan casting. But I am sure there are some excellent choices out there, but it is easily going to be the most difficult part of a reboot. I wouldn’t even know where to begin on casting.


I know most everyone, including me, does not really fancy reboots of franchises. As a big X-Files fan I even kind of scoff at my own idea. But I think The X-Files kinds of lends itself to a reboot. You can do a wealth of stories with it, and just a few minor tweaks, and make it even better. 

So what do you think about an X-Files reboot? Good idea or bad idea? Got a casting idea for the show? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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