Is League of Legends Good for Nerds?


League of Legends has been considered a great MOBA game by many players in the community for 10 years now. Its community is still active nowadays in every region of the world; that shows how well the game has been developed. It is fun and difficult at the same time, which makes the game even better for all types of gamer. Nerds are used to playing a lot on a specific game, but let’s see if LoL is hard enough for them.

Complexity of LoL

Is League of Legends Good for Nerds?A nerd likes spending time in front of his computer; this is the main reason why League of Legends fits with this style. You sometimes need months to understand how LoL works when you are a beginner. Indeed, this game is perfectly made for hardcore gamers who want to compete at the best level. In order to do that, players have to play hours every day; they also need to watch professional gamers on different streams to learn new heroes, for example.

League of Legends requires technical skill, comprehensive knowledge about the skills and all the different data in the game (damage dealt, item statistics…), and reflexes. In the end, a good player must be focused and manage hundreds of different pieces of information if he wants to perform well. And the harder thing is that you need to be aware of details like that if you want to excel and reach the top ranks. Only players who are serious enough and play to win as many games as possible are able to do that. If you just started playing League of Legends, watching games played by experts could be more useful than playing LoL; you will notice the way they are adapting to each game because all of them are unique.

The Solution to Boosting Your ELO

Is League of Legends Good for Nerds?Ranked games are one of the game modes available which allow the players to compete and get higher in rankings. Your ELO corresponds to the division you reached while playing those ranked games. It goes up or down after winning or losing a game. As you can imagine, when millions of gamers are playing the same game, it’s quite difficult to reach the exact tier you want.

The advantage of an ELO boost service is that it is a solution to massively increase your ELO in a short period of time. Some gamers are paid to help you achieve your goals by playing with you or taking control of your account. Boosters who are good enough to do that are nerds who are not new to the game; they have reached a point where they have enough skill to know how to win a game without relying on their teammates. You would be surprised to know how many people are using an ELO boost service but are not talking about it. It is common in the gaming field, even outside of League of Legends. Boosting is also exists in other FPS games, for example; it could be used in every other competitive game, as long as there is a ranking system.

Even outside of the game itself, League of Legends is creating comic books to keep the community united. Making a movie about it isn’t an idea that has been excluded yet.

This game is constantly evolving and gives nerds the chance to try new strategies. It has been designed for experts, and it is so competitive than nerds usually like it. So we can say, yes, if nerds can become boosters or pros in League of Legends, this game is good for them.


Some boosting services are in violation of the TOS in online games…use them with caution to avoid being banned or other disciplinary actions.

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