Is This the Future of Gaming?


The evolution of gaming has been fun to follow over the years, like seeing Mario transform from his tower-climbing escapades to 3D platform adventures, traversing consoles, and decades. Likewise, we’ve seen console gaming and PC gaming improve as technology advances. Then, along came the introduction of blockchain technology. And now, it’s ready to change the face of gaming.

When people think of gaming, the pictures that come to mind are of gamers sitting down, controller in hand, playing whatever latest blockbuster is out. Or it conjures up images of headsets, gaming chairs, and high-octane multiplayer action. Obviously, for the proper gamers out there, we know the importance of a fully kitted computer, the power and processing, and all of the other hardware, software, and internet intricacies involved. Playing games now isn’t just a hobby or a form of escapism (although it still can be); it’s a passion, a community, and thanks to the introduction of the blockchain and tokens, it’s a way to monetize content as well.

Not Just for Pay-to-Win

The SandboxWe’re not just talking about the abhorrent introduction of in-game purchases. This was the gaming developer’s way to push sales on mobile and console games by letting people pay to be the best, rather than achieving it themselves. No, since the introduction of bitcoin and the boom of cryptocurrency, gaming has taken a new turn. Especially with games built on the blockchain.

Not long ago, people would laugh at somebody who had invested in bitcoin. (And these same people are probably kicking themselves now that they didn’t get hold of some too!) Because now the notion of buying and paying for things in-game is becoming normal. Games like Minecraft encourage building your own environment, while even Mario Maker lets you design a stage to test out. Now imagine you have a massive sandbox environment in which you can buy your own piece of prime real estate, build challenges, and charge for them. That’s the future we’re now facing.

The Sandbox

There’s a new breed of gaming entertainment that’s based on the blockchain and a tokenized virtual economy. Games like The Sandbox are challenging the games we know and love today and the whole way they’re played. But what is The Sandbox? It’s one of the best examples of how blockchain gaming works. It’s a user-generated content gaming platform that’s transitioned from mobile into the blockchain ecosystem. With over 40 million downloads (and growing), since its launch in its first format on mobile in 2011, The Sandbox gives you, the player, ownership of your creations and allows you to create, play, own, govern, trade and earn within The Sandbox virtual world gaming platform.

When you enter The Sandbox, you have the chance to become a player and a creator at the same time. If you want to explore the world and take part in different challenges or purchase things from the marketplace, you can do that. But you can also use the metaverse’s own currency of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to make purchases or access new areas.

The main currency of The Sandbox is SAND, a token that is used to basically buy everything in the game. Then you have LAND, which is summed up by its name—you buy this (with SAND, of course), with each piece of LAND being an NFT that lies on the public Ethereum blockchain. You can then build experiences on top of it using the free Game Maker tool, and, if you choose, charge other players in SAND to take part in your challenges. The last tokens are ASSETS, which are created with The Sandbox’s free VoxEdit 3D voxel animation software and then uploaded and sold within the marketplace.

Not Just for Creating Your Own World

The SandboxIt’s not just an opportunity for you to create your own virtual world and have people join in. It’s a world, much like our own, that revolves around money. Though in The Sandbox, that money is SAND. As a creator, you can make revenue when your ideas come to fruition. You can use the free Game Maker, which lets you build obstacles and challenges on your LAND. As there’s no coding required, it’s fairly straightforward to do once you get the hang of it. You could also rent your LAND if you’re a Property Tycoon alum, or build and sell assets on the marketplace.

As blockchain gaming promotes decentralization, everything you create, you own. Your games, your creations, it’s all in your copyright, not the game developers. The Sandbox is fast becoming one of the most popular PC games of 2020 and is rated as the number one most anticipated blockchain game. And we can see why.

With the opportunity to monetize your content and enjoy gaming, it combines the best of both worlds. But is this the future of gaming? Forget about going to work and getting paid when you can enter your own online world and earn your living there. Are we becoming The Matrix? We’ll leave that one to the conspiracy theorists, but blockchain gaming is definitely going to transform gaming. Watch this space closely.

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