Jamberry Designs for Black Panther Fans

If Black Panther left you craving some African style, check out the new Unity Collection of nail wraps from Jamberry. What are nail wraps? Long-wearing vinyl “stickers” with heat-activated adhesive. Got a blow dryer and a nail file? You’re set! Wraps are easy to apply, last longer than nail polish, and there’s a surprising variety of fandom-related and licensed designs! 

The Unity Collection

Jamberry Unity Collection African-inspired wrapsThe “Rich in Roots” design offers subtle golden motifs on an ebony background, inspired by traditional mud cloth. Making mud cloth is a painstaking process involving plant dyes and fermented mud applied repeatedly by a skilled hand. If your nail art skills aren’t up to duplicating that, the “Rich in Roots” wrap is a much easier way to get the look.

If floral prints are more your thing, “Ankara Floral,” a design of blue and black flowers on a metallic orange background, is a great way to celebrate West African wax prints. Unlike the batik process, the Ankara process applies wax to both sides of the fabric before dying, creating a highly prized fabric with no wrong side.

Want a bolder, brighter look? The “Strong Bond” design pairs red, orange, and black in a pattern of dots that represents stones thrown into water. 

Or are you more minimalist? The “Strength in Colors” design incorporates the green, red, and black of the Pan-African flag in clean lines and color blocks.

African Designs

African-inspired designs by Jamberry NailsFor more mud cloth designs, check our regular collection for “The Nile” and “Teal Me About It.” Or create your own color scheme by layering our clear “Street Appeal” wrap over polish or gel. For something more whimsical, try “Giraffic Jam.”

Each Jamberry wrap sheet has enough wraps for two manicures and two pedicures, with wraps left over for accent nails. Since Jamberry wraps are made of vinyl, not nail polish, they never dry out. Best of all, they’re cruelty-free, latex-free, and even gluten-free. And if you have a habit of chewing your nails, wraps could be a great way to stop. For the best deal, buy three wraps—and get one free! Jamberry wraps are $15 per sheet (C$19, £15, AU$22, NZ$24, Mex$300).

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