James Charles Takes a Huge Hit to His Vlog Following

James Charles


Famous Makeup Vlogger, James Charles Is Losing Followers


It may be hard to believe that a vlogger like James Charles can get taken down a notch, but that is exactly what is happening right now.

James Charles

James Charles is one of those YouTubers that people dream of becoming. Or rather, he was (and might still be, to some). He’s famous, respected for the mastery of his arts, and making money from his YouTube account.

Not to mention getting to go to things like the Met Gale on YouTube’s behalf. Things like that don’t just happen to anyone. Though it’d be cool if it did.

He’s got thousands of fans, all eagerly watching his makeup videos and tutorials. But that may be taking a turn, thanks to recent events.

All Thanks to A Single Video

Tati Westbrook, another and arguably larger makeup icon, released a video on Friday. That’s not exactly out of the norm, she is a vlogger after all. However, her video specifically targeted James Charles.

During her forty-three minute video, Westbrook tears into Charles. She declares that she can no longer consider him a friend. And that she has to take this had to take this declaration into the open to give closure to it all.

Westbrook cited a lot of reasons for this decision. Her reasons included things like him supporting a competing brand to hers and his aggressive sexual behavior.

The Fallout

Both vloggers stats have changed since the video came out. James Charles took a hit of about 2.7 million followers – and counting. Meanwhile, Tati Westbrook’s following increased by over 3 and a half million.

What’s worse for James Charles is the fact that he’s getting distanced by many other makeup vloggers out there. They all have their reasons of course, but one of which is the fact that they likely want to be seen taking Tati’s side.


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