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Writer and director James Wan is known for his work on iconic horror films, including Saw and The Conjuring. Like many actors, it’s often times challenging for directors and writers like Wan to break out of their niche. Recently, Wan noted that he is open to the possibility of working on a DC film adaptation.

James Wan Director

Why is this important? Aside from giving Wan a chance to further spread his wings with working on different film genres, Wan’s background in horror allows for some interesting possibilities when it comes to bringing DC comic characters to life on the big screen. With the intensity that Heath Ledger brought to the screen with his portrayal of Joker in the 2003 Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight, and the fresh release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it would be interesting to see what Wan’s experience could bring to a comic related film.

With DC making a conscious effort to put out more DC Comics related films in the coming years, I wonder what projects Wan would enjoy working on the most. What sides of these characters or aspects of their worlds would he focus on? Would his horror background shine through or would he work to distance himself from his roots? If Michelle MacLaren wasn’t already slated to direct the 2017 Wonder Woman film, how would Wan have approached it differently? Would Wan take on a lesser known character or stick to the typical heroes but spin a new light on their story?

Of his past works, I was particularly impressed with Wan’s approach to The Conjuring. The Warrens are a duo that most any paranormal fan will recognize, and Wan made sure to present the story of their most haunting investigation as mystical, real and terrifying as possible.

It will be interesting to see both the success of the upcoming DC film projects and to see how Wan fits into the mix. While I would like to see Wan testing the boundaries of his talents by working in these new genres, I’d be interested to see how his past may contribute to a DC Comics film.

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