James Wan to Direct Train to Busan Remake

James Wan Is At It Again

Director of the upcoming Aquaman film, Wan wants to produce a Train to Busan remake, according to Entertainment Weekly. contributor Clark Collis reports “Wan’s Atomic Monster company is producing the project, along with Gaumont, which is the rightsholder. In addition to Wan, Atomic Monster President of Production Michael Clear and [Gary] Dauberman [scriptwriter] are also producers.”

A Synopsis of Train to Busan

James Wan wants to direct remake of Train to Busan
Train to Busan South Korean poster, via Wikipedia

Train to Busan is a “2016 South Korean zombie apocalypse action thriller film.” According to the film’s Wikipedia page, Train to Busan set the 2016 record as the first Korean film to break over 10 million theatergoers. According to Rotten Tomatoes, which gives the film a 95% rating, “Train to Busan delivers a thrillingly unique—and purely entertaining—take on the zombie genre, with fully realized characters and plenty of social commentary to underscore the bursts of skillfully staged action.”

Train to Busan tells the story of Seok-woo, an “absentee father,” on his way to Busan with his daughter Su-an. Other characters on the train include “tough working-class husband Sang-hwa and his pregnant wife Seong-kyeong, a high school basketball team, the rich and egotistical COO Yong-suk, elderly sisters In-gil and Jon-gil, and a homeless man experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.”

They all board the train at Seoul Station, as well as a “convulsing woman” with a “bite wound on her leg”. The zombie virus spreads from this woman to a train attendant, and then swiftly moves through the passengers; they fight for survival while stuck on a moving train during a zombie outbreak. News outlets report the outbreaks as “riots”; towns are overrun as the train makes its way from station to station. The surviving passengers eventually split up into different cars after the chaos of finding the city of Daejeon overrun. The train makes its way to Busan “where a quarantine zone has reportedly been established.”

From Saw to Insidious to Aquaman

Award-winning director and writer James Wan is no stranger to the horror genre. In 2003, Wan wrote and directed the first Saw film and produced the subsequent sequels. He directed Insidious in 2010 and its sequel in 2013, along with The Conjuring.  For The Conjuring 2 in 2016, Wan directed, produced, and wrote the story.  He has had a hand in the Annabelle films, Insidious series, and Saw franchise since 2014. Most recently he wrote and produced The Nun. His upcoming films include Aquaman, coming soon this year, The Curse of La Llorona, and an untitled Annabelle film in 2019.

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