Jean Grey Returns?

As soon as Avengers Vs X-Men was announced, fans knew something big was coming. When people got wind that the Phoenix Force was going to be a big part, Jean Grey was on everyone’s lips.

Now it seems that as of the end of Avenger Vs X-men, she will indeed return to the Marvel universe. We only have a few little bits of information so far, but Entertainment Weekly will spill all tomorrow.

What we do know is that Marvel CEO Joe Quesada has drawn this picture of Jean Grey. It isn’t clear where this is from but it is a current book and it will be in mainstream continuity – not the Ultimate Universe.

It’s also confirmed that it is actually her. Not just a hologram or a weird dream that Cyclops has. She will return in her old silver age Marvel Girl costume too.

Entertainment Weekly claim it’s “an upcoming initiative by Marvel Comics that will build off the current Avengers vs. X-Men crossover and radically alter the Marvel universe as you know it”.

The other clue we have comes from Amazon as it seems there will be a X-Men: The Wedding of Cyclops & Phoenix TPB released in October. Will Cyclops and Phoenix get married so soon?

Expect speculation to start flying this evening about the characters return. Will the phoenix force grow out of control and Jean puts the five bits back together? What does this mean for the Avengers? Stay turned to find out tomorrow.



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  • The trade is to contain (according to Amazon) X-MEN (1991) 27-30, ANNUAL 2; X-MEN UNLIMITED (1991) 3; UNCANNY X-MEN 308-310, ANNUAL 18; X-MEN: THE WEDDING ALBUM; WHAT IF? (1989) 60

  • Even though the trade contains old issues, I think it is the timing that is important. Talk about Jean will be at it’s peak when she returns.

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