Jennifer Blood Prequel Draws First Blood in September

Jennifer Blood, the suburban housewife turned vigilante, will get the Year One treatment in September. In that month, Mike Carroll, the writer of 2000 AD and artist Igor Vitorino will bring you Jennifer Blood: First Blood. This new series chronicles the journey that led Jessica Blute to become Jennifer Blood.

Like most prequel storylines, it feels unecessary. After 13 issues, we know pretty much all that we need to about the character. In another life, she was Jessica Blute, a member of a well known crime family. After her uncles killed her family,  Jessica faked her death and became Jen Andrews, got married, had kids, and is your typical suburban housewife by day. Now, she becomes the vigilante Jennifer Blood at night to extract bloody revenge against her uncles and whoever stands in her way. That’s pretty much all of the backstory that is needed for the character.

Where it might work is if it can fit seamlessly into the established cannon. A prequel should enhance, not contradict, what is already known about the character. It should write a new story, but at the same time keep up with what is already known about the character and not ruin any future plans with the core storyline. It is a monumental task, but anyone who is allowed to write for 2000 AD, which is the New Yorker of comic books, will be up for it.

Jennifer Blood: First Blood Launches in September.

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