Joaquin Phoenix is not Doctor Strange

Doctor StrangeThe talks between Joaquin Phoenix and Marvel Studios for the lead role in Doctor Strange have come and gone. It looks as though Phoenix will not be portraying the good doctor, Stephen Strange, in the summer 2016 film.

Not having Phoenix is an odd choice in film direction, especially since he and Marvel Studios have been in talk for months on the subject. Furthermore, the Oscar winning actor would have been a good addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet Marvel Studios long contract set up of multiple movies may have been a reason behind him wanting to not take the position. We have heard sayings of Robert Downing Jr. not wanting to do an Iron Man 4 and Chris Evans quitting the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon for other roles so it is not too far-fetched.

Doctor StrangeMany other actors such as Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch have been thought to be asked or rumored to play the neurosurgeon turned Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Strange, however nothing is confirmed at the moment. Yet, with the film not set until the date of July 8th, 2016 and the shooting of the film not to start until May 2015, Scott Derrickson, director of the film, has time to find the perfect actor to play the extraordinarily, fantastic Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts.


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