Joel Schumacher Returns To Batman

Batman & RobinJoel Schumacher; for many a Bat-fan it sends a shiver of fear up our spines that not even Scarecrow could cause. After making the okay Batman Forever (a guilty pleasure film for yours truly); Schumacher made the campy, toy commercial cesspool that was Batman and Robin. In the years since, Schumacher has been apologizing for the poor decisions and caving into studio pressure that led to the near death of the Batman franchise, which had to be resuscitated by Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. He’s also gone on to some hits and misses, while being eternally vilified by Bruce Timm on Batman The Animated Series (in a way that is probably a very homophobic stab at the openly gay director).


Now, reports are coming in that Joel Schumacher might be getting another chance at Batman.

Hold the pitchforks and torches though, folks. The report, originally from Bleeding Cool, suggests that this will be in comic book form. Wait…what are you doing?

Calm down! Apparently these comics will be based on the original story plans for the two films, as well as the unproduced Batman Triumphant. According to reports, the original stories were far darker and closer to Tim Burton’s gothic tone and designs. This would, of course, also remove the toy commercial aspects from the stories, elements that were heavily criticized by both fans and the cast and crew. Whether or not this means the bat-suit will have nipples (ew!) is yet to be seen.

As previously mentioned, Schumacher has been repeatedly apologetic for the two Batman films he directed, and  still has a love for the material that hues closer to the gothic Burton vision as well as the comics. I think we can give him one last chance to prove to us that he does indeed have a handle on the Dark Knight. Whether or not he can pull it off is yet to be seen.


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