John Henry Versus the Terminator

Arcana Studio, the producers of over 300 unique and original titles, bring to you this fanciful retelling of John Henry, the Steel Driving Man.

In the original tall tale, John Henry, the former slave turned railroad worker, battles a steam-powered drill. He does not believe that any machine could beat a human at drilling holes into a mountain. After proving that he is better than a machine at drilling, John Henry dies in the folktale.

In John Henry: the Steam Age, John Henry does not die after the battle. Instead, he falls into a coma. After an unknown amount of time, he wakes up in a vastly different world. It is now the Steam Age, an era where the machines have rebelled against their former masters and have destroyed all vestiges of human civilization. John Henry takes it upon himself to destroy the machine empire and restore humanity to its former glory. His only weapons are his mighty sledgehammers and whatever allies he can find.

John Henry: the Steam Age is a SteamPunk fantasy set in a post Apocalyptic wasteland. To call it SteamPunk Terminator is not far off.  You can pre-order it now at your local comic book shop and available for pickup sometime in November.


 TITLE: John Henry: The Steam Age

ISBN: 978-1-92742-464-3

PRICE: $14.95



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