John Wick Chapter 3 Trailer Delivers Action Galore


The One Who Kills The Boogeyman


The first trailer for John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum landed online this week. The third instalment finds John Wick hours after he was excommunicated from the hitman underworld for violating one of its cardinal rules.

John Wick Is Back

In 2014, John Wick burst on the scene. The film hit in late-October, a lull in most studios’ release schedules. The film found a small cult following, and strong word of mouth secured the film quadruple its budget in profits. The word of mouth remained strong and the movie found huge life on home video. Naturally, the studio greenlit a sequel, and John Wick Chapter 2 landed in theaters February 2017. That film ended with a cliffhanger and now, the recently un-retired hitman is back to deliver even more headshots. Check out the first trailer for John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum below!

Wow. I’m not sure trailers are allowed to be that good. The first two films are all-time action film classics, and more studios should release films like them. They’re the type of mid-budget adult-oriented action movies that were all the rage in the 90’s. However, as ticket prices rose, the audience demanded more spectacle. So, the studios kicked off the superhero era. Superhero movies are great, and we love them. But, there’s something about seeing real people do real stunts that feel so natural. I mean, look at him tomahawk throw a gun at that dude! Did you see the samurai motorcycle assassins? Heck, he brings a horse to a motorcycle chase! Let’s see that in an Iron Man movie!

The Waiting Begins

Look, what I’m saying is, these movies rule. Also, each film doubles down on the weird and rich mythology about the secret hitman society. It’s goofy, but it works, and the more we learn about this culture, the more it strengthens the previous instalment. Here’s hoping the latest film lives up to that potential.

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum hits theaters May 17th, 2019. Until then, you can find me watching this trailer on repeat while camping out until the movie comes out.



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