Johns and Aquaman Reunite For “Seven Seas”

On Tuesday, on Twitter, DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns announced he, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado would be making their return to Aquaman. Not only that, they would be picking up on a plot thread long lain dormant since Johns completed his heralded Aquaman run: “The Rise of The Seven Seas”.

Johns’ Aquaman run was highly praised and was considered to be a re-invigoration of a character that had long been considered a joke by fans and the public alike. Since Johns departed the book, other writers have handled the character to mixed results. Worse still, fan behavior towards the current direction of the title made current Aquaman scribe Cullen Bunn quit the book after dealing with some extremely toxic fans. Still, Aquaman’s star is still on the rise, with Jason Mamoa about to portray the character in the upcoming Batman v Superman film and other DC Expanded Universe films.

As for “Seven Seas,” the title alludes to Aquaman #25 and the arrival of Nerus, King of Xebel, and his informing the exiled Orm (aka Ocean Master) that he knew the location of the so called Seven Seas, implying Aquaman was king of the first sea and that Nerus was king of the second. The issue concluded with Nerus extending an offer to Orm to join the Kings of the Seven Seas to take over the Earth. Since then, the plotline hasn’t been continued.

As for when this storyline will debut, and in what format, that is not clear at the moment. But, with Bunn off the book come this January, it is possible that like Throne of Atlantis before it, “Seven Seas” will be written by Johns in both the Justice League and Aquaman titles, as it was originally intended to be a Justice League story arc. Whether it will be kept to the Aquaman title, or be a crossover or a potential mini series, is yet to be seen.

Word of the Nerd will continue to keep an eye on this developing story.

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