Joker Versus Trump, Round 3: Wiretapping

Joker Takes On Trump On Wiretapping Tweets

It’s another matchup between the Joker and Trump. Two times before, voice actor Mark Hamill has revived his famous character to mock Donald Trump. The first time, Hamill mocked Trump’s less than humble New Year’s greeting. The second time it was Joker targeting Trump’s attacks on Meryl Streep. Now, Hamill-as-Joker has been given juicy new material from Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum.

Trump in recent days has accused his predecessor, Barack Obama, of wiretapping his offices during the election. He has offered no proof (outside of reports from fringe sites) for his claims. His own FBI director James Comey has even asked the Department of Justice to disavow Trump’s claims. 

It’s an opportunity to mock Trump that is too big not to take. And Hamill takes it with gusto.

Joke’s On Trump

Continuing with his Joker-as-Trump series, Hamill has targeted Trump’s accusatory tweetstorm. On Tuesday, the actor posted a recording of him reading the tweets as the notorious villain. He even adds a little extra pop sound to the word “tap” in one instance, mocking Trump’s still not corrected misspelling of the word in one instance.

Somehow, Hamill’s reading of the tweets make the tweets sound more terrifying. Let us be clear, Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations are terrifying in how brazenly untrue it seems to be. In these very uncertain times, it’s a good thing someone can still stand back and poke fun at things. We need our clowns (for good or ill) to poke fun at things, or we might lose our sanity. Thank goodness for entertainers like Mark Hamill for making us laugh.

Donald Trump has still not reacted to Hamill’s parody audio tracks at the time of this article.

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