‘Get Out’ Director Jordan Peele Joins Candyman Reboot

Jordan Peele


Jordan Peele Producing Candyman


MGM & Universal have picked up Jordan Peele to produce an upcoming Candyman Project. Earlier this year it was reported that Peele was in talks with the project but now it has been confirmed. The original film was released in 1992 and starred Tony Todd (Final Destination) in the titular role. The Get Out director has been very active in the industry and is working on a reboot of The Twilight Zone as well. He will also be starring in the upcoming 4th installment in the beloved Toy Story series. 

Who is Candyman?

Tony Todd in Candyman (1992) Photo by PolyGram Filmed Entertainment - © 1992
Tony Todd in Candyman (1992) Photo by PolyGram Filmed Entertainment – © 1992

Directed by Bernard Rose the film has become a cult hit within the horror community. The original film was based on Clive Baker’s short story, and told the tale of a vengeful African-American man that had been murdered by a mob. After death he returns as a powerful supernatural force if his named is called upon five times. Taking place in Chicago the character would become a well known urban legend in the area. In life he was named Daniel Robitaille, a slave that had fallen in love with the daughter of his plantation owner. This would lead to his death, but before dying Robitaille vowed to come back for revenge. 

What is the Reboot’s story?

MGM has referred to the upcoming project as a “spiritual sequel” to the 1992 cult hit, and returns to the streets of Chicago. This time around though the area will be more refined since the events of the original film. The first film involved a graduate student working on a thesis that encounters the legendary Candyman but no word has been given on what exactly will occur in this new project. Peele feels the original incarnation was a moment in time for black representation in the horror genre. Nia DaCosta is going to direct. 

How does Tony Todd feel?

Tony Todd has shared his approval of the Oscar-nominated Get Out directors involvement with the project. Todd starred in the titular role for two other sequels following the 1992 film. Todd feels Peele will show respect to the character, and won’t squander this opportunity. 


“If Jordan wants to do it, do it, I know I’d rather have him do it, someone with intelligence, who’s going to be thoughtful and dig into the whole racial makeup of who Candyman is and why he existed in the first place.”

With Todd’s stamp of approval, it is no doubt Peele will want to use that as motivation to piece together a masterpiece similar to Get Out. No word on if Tony Todd will be starring or making an appearance in the upcoming film.

Release Date

Candyman is scheduled to be released on June 12, 2020 so there is plenty of time to craft the best image possible. It looks like casting will be announced as the creative team is forming. Production is starting in Spring next year.

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