Jordan Peele’s Us International Trailer

Jordan Peele is New King of Horror

So, Jordan Peele’s film Us just dropped a new international trailer, and I have to say Jordan Peele might be the new king of horror. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at it for yourself:

I Hate the Beach Now

The trailer opens with eerie music, a family just going on a casual family trip on the way to the beach like a normal day, quick jump cuts of creepy people, and what? There appears to be a creepy bloody-looking man just chilling on the beach… What kind of horror movie takes place at a beach other than Jaws? I was already terrified of the beach from that; now I got to worry about creepy, bloodied men. Thanks, Jordan Peele, for making me terrified of rich people parties and now beaches!

With the trailer continuing we learn all the creepy people are doppelgangers of our main family. Can we all admit anything with kids is a million times scarier than without? Like, if the villain of Alien was a killer alien kid rather than the Xenomorph, it’d be so much scarier, right? I’d rather face off against a Xenomorph than a scary kid.

The trailer ends with probably one of the most tense scenes I’ve seen in awhile. Our main family and their doppelgangers staring back at one another, but the doppelgangers staring blanking back at our main family, having very quick twitch movements, and the young boy realizing he’s staring at himself, which is honestly so much scarier for him because his doppelganger is wearing one scary mask, man!

Final Thoughts 

I have to say this looks like another home-run for Mr. Jordan ‘The Horror’ Peele—this is now how we should all address him, for his brilliance. Peele is credited with both writing and directing, which to me really proves and highlights Peele’s excellence as a storyteller. The tone seems to give hints of Get Out, but from the trailer for Us, I get a sense Mr. Jordan ‘The Horror’ Peele’s feels more comfortable in his approach to telling unique horror films.

Sound Off 

What did you think of the trailer? Do you hate beaches now too? Are you more scared of a child or a Xenomorph? Let me know in the comments down below!

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