Jurassic Park 4, Rumours And Release Dates

Since 2002 rumours of the fourth dino instalment have been flying. From genetically spliced solders/dinosaurs, to dinosaurs with guns all the way back to a straight forward follow up, so let’s see what we know now and see what we think about the now confirmed Jurassic Park 4.


Writers – I think it is pretty obvious that Steven Spielberg will have his mitts all over this as far as the story is concerned, but, as for other writers, we have had a long list of names to choose from since JP4 rumours began. For a long time it seemed that the main man on writing duties would be Mark Protosevich, of I Am Legend and Thor. However, in June 2012, Rise of the Planet of the Apes duo Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver were confirmed to be taking over script writing duties, though their plans for the movie and story are not yet known.

Director – Spielberg has revealed that he will not be directing, opting to instead to produce the movie along with Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy. Although not confirmed, it looks like Joe Johnson, Jumanji, Captain America and Jurassic Park 3, will be the captain of this latest dinosaur ship.

Cast – ? Rumours of rolls for David Boreanaz and Keria Knightley, very interesting, but nothing confirmed.

Plot – Ok, so, there is still nothing set in stone. Frank Marshall has said in interviews that the Dinosaurs with guns rumours are not true, but so far anything else goes. One idea says that some of the dinosaurs brought back to life by the InGen scientists were carrying a prehistoric disease that now threatens to wipe out humanity, and no one has poo-pooed this yet. Sounds good to me but surly there wouldn’t be many people eaten, which is the main draw of the Jurassic Park movies.

Title – The title, ‘Jurassic Park 4: Extinction’ has been thrown around a lot and that would make sense if the plot is as stated above. But, as with everything else connected with this movie at the minute, no one knows!

Spoil it with CGI? – The reason JP dinosaurs look better than all of the others is the fact that the use of animatronics heavily outweighed the use of CGI, but with the trend in movies changing more towards computer generated monsters, will JP4 just be a big green screen fest? According to Frank Marshall, it’s a big fat no, check it:-


That’s what’s gonna be great about it, technology’s taken a leap now that we can really do some great things.

Speaking to Collider in regards to modern animatronics and how the actual presents of the dinosaurs really helps the actors.

Release dates? – The word is that the Jurassic Park people are aiming for a Summer 2014 release, stating that the movie is a ‘Popcorn Blockbuster’ and a sequel to the third movie rather than a remake or spinoff. But, as for rumours of JP4 being the start of another trilogy then I guess only time, and box office takings, will tell.


Finally – I am not sure if I am looking forward to this movie or not. The first Jurassic Park was amazing and I don’t mind telling you that it scared the crap out of me. Even the second movie was pretty good. However the third was pants, and with most of the same people involved with this intended fourth instalment I don’t hold out much hope. I also wasn’t a massive fan of Rise of the Planet of the Apes so it’s not looking good from my perspective. But, as franchises go, I love this one, I also love dinosaurs and people getting eaten, so will definitely be the first inline to see what they do with this movie.

Not official, but effin cool!

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