‘Justice League: Part One’ To Start Production in April

Looking back on the summer of 2013, the comic book movie landscape was different. Iron Man 3 was the first Marvel film released in a post-Avengers world. Man of Steel was released to lukewarm reviews and had made around $600 million worldwide. Warner Bros’ and DC Entertainment had gone on record that previous DC films, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Green Lantern, would not be part of their upcoming shared universe started in Man of Steel. In July 2013, one month after the film’s release, Zack Snyder took to Comic-Con to announce that “Man of Steel 2” would include a familiar face.


With the confirmation that Batman was coming, “Man of Steel 2” slowly but surely moved away from being a Superman sequel, to being a full on DC Extended Universe film. Wonder Woman will have a role in the film, there is confirmation that both Aquaman and Cyborg will have some type of cameos in the film, there are rumors that Flash will make some sort of appearance. All these years after that Comic-Con announcement, the Dawn of Justice subtitle is starting to make a lot of sense.

After some speculating on the web that Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Part One film was in trouble, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that not only is the film not in trouble, but it will start filming on April 11. In addition to confirming the production start date, Snyder gave a quote regarding the road leading up to a cinematic Justice League,

“The idea that we could begin to boot up a Justice League concept was a cool thing, It was a little bit of an ‘about time’ moment, and I don’t blame [the studio] for feeling that way, because it’s a long time coming,” he said. “But I do feel like it’s a little bit of a creative hurdle. It seems like an easy thing to do at first glance, the idea that, ‘Oh, we just get the rest of the superheroes in there.’ But you have to [establish] a world where they can exist.”

There will be three films released before Justice League: Part One and you can see how Warner Bros’ is building their cinematic universe. Suicide Squad, though it will have some type of Batman appearance, will be its own movie, featuring solely on the team of anti-heroes. Wonder Woman looks to be a prequel, confirmed to be set in the World War I era. With those two movies set, we can now stop looking at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as the sequel to Man of Steel, it is not that. Batman v Superman is a full on prequel to Justice League: Part One.

Whether or not this strategy will make for a successful film remains to be seen. For the time being, this continues to be an amazing time for nerd-centric movies. To coincide with the production announcement, Snyder took to twitter to post a simple selfie with Aquaman himself, Jason Mamoa.


Yep, that is not just a selfie, this is a living breathing easter egg. Birth. Movies. Death. has a great rundown of all of the secrets teased in this photo, let’s just post the most exciting one here, the first look at the cinematic version of The Flash:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Zack Snyder) will be released next month of March 25, 2016.  Suicide Squad (David Ayer) will be released on August 5, 2016. Wonder Woman (Patty Jenkins) will be released on June 23, 2017. With those heroes and villain established, Justice League: Part One (Zack Snyder) is scheduled for release on November 17, 2017.

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