Justice League Snyder Cut Final Trailer Debuts


Justice League Redux Is Nigh

Justice League is rising from the ashes. At least, a certain cut of the 2017 film is. Justice League, the theatrical version, was a Frankenstein’s monster due to conflicting visions. Zack Snyder had to bow out of the project due to family tragedy and was replaced by Joss Whedon. The film was not a success and led to fan outcry. These fans demanded the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League. Since then, there have been fan campaigns, fans harassing people, other fans returning fire, and an outright headache for Warner Brothers. Add to that Cyborg actor Ray Fisher called for an investigation into behavior by Whedon, who has since fallen from grace.

Finally, Warner Brothers decided to team up with Zack Snyder to release his version of Justice League. This has become a controversial decision, as it feels it is rewarding bad behavior. However, WB seems to be backing up their director’s vision. And on Sunday, Valentine’s Day, after a social media buildup, they released the final trailer

Justice League Versus Darkseid

While the film appears to be following the same story as the 2017 release, there is obviously more meat to this version. Chief among these is the introduction of Darkseid, the biggest bad guy in the DC Universe. While hinted at in the 2017 theatrical version, it appears the evil New God, voiced by Ray Porter, will be more of a presence. Alongside him, and main baddie Steppenwolf (who has a redesign), are torturer Desaad and the abusive Granny Goodness. Given that Ava DuVernay and Tom King are working on a New Gods film, there is a question of whether these designs will stick.

In addition to this, we see new footage of Barry Allen saving Iris West, and Wonder Woman investigating ruins. There is more of a screen presence for Cyborg, and Superman in a black suit. 

But the thing that set social media on fire was Jared Leto’s appearance as Joker in a possible future known as the Knightmare. Reprising his role from Suicide Squad, Leto’s Joker became instantly meme-able with his line about “society”. 

It is yet to be seen whether or not this will be a success for Warner Brothers. It is also unclear whether there will be a follow-up, or if this version will overwrite the 2017 version.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League premieres March 18th on HBOMax.

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