Justice League Snyder Cut to Finally Be Released?


Does the Snyder Cut Exist?


Zack Snyder infamously had to step down from filming Justice League after the death of his daughter. At the time, he and WB tapped Avengers director Joss Whedon to finish both rewrites and reshoots of the film. The film, when released in theaters, was not a success, to say the least (though I personally enjoy it). This led to a massive fan backlash towards DC/WB, not to mention snickers from those who love bashing DC Comics.

Justice League posterSince then, there have been rumors, non-stop, about a rumored “Snyder Cut” of Justice League. A large group of Snyder fans took it upon themselves to get this cut released through various campaigns. Some of these campaigns were well-meaning, some were spamming hashtags, and others were straight-up harassing and bullying those involved at DC and WB. They chased Geoff Johns off social media, and continue to attack others. Others even went to vast publicity stunts, such as flying banners, a la the Wicked Witch, at comic cons demanding the Snyder Cut be released. 

On Monday, it seems WB finally decided to acquiesce to their demands. And on Wednesday, it was confirmed.

Snyder Cut to Be Released on HBOMax

WB will release Snyder’s preferred version of his film on their new HBOMax platform. This was announced on Snyder’s Vero channel as part of a Man of Steel live commentary. WB’s various media partners then posted numerous articles, including The Hollywood Reporter which had an in-depth look. This longer cut includes footage not seen in theaters, as well as restructuring the story to fit his original vision. Warner Brothers is helping to fund the completion of the film’s effects, music, and other post-production work. The film is rumored to be divided into a 4 to 6-hour miniseries event. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is set to make its HBOMax bow in 2021.

Rewarding Bad Behavior

However, this does seem to be rewarding a toxic segment of fandom. Several fans of Snyder have harassed cast and crew of DC films who they found to be “insufficiently supportive” of Zack Snyder. Furthermore, several threatened to harm any DC film unless the Snyder cut was released or things are returned to “Zack’s vision”. WB’s seeming bowing to the wishes of an angry mob is rewarding toxic and bullying fan behavior. While I can see financially why they would do so, it does seem they are bowing to the wishes of bullies. If it is released, we will see if it is better than the theatrical cut. However, DC/WB will likely continue on with their new casts and their retcons.

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