Katie Cassidy To Return To CW’s DC Universe

Katie Cassidy Returns To Arrow and the CW

Variety revealed that Katie Cassidy, famous for playing Laurel Lance on CW’s Arrow television series, will be returning not only to that show, but all the DC Comics shows on the network. Wendy Mericle, executive producer of “Arrow,” announced the news at Comic-Con Saturday, saying “Katie Cassidy will not be disappearing from this universe.” This follows similar deals for Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) and John Barrowmann (Malcolm Merlyn).

Beating The Grim Reaper

This announcement was met with some surprise as Cassidy’s character was infamously killed off after admitting her love to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) after being rushed to the hospital after being stabbed by season 4 bad guy Black Canary DeathDamien Darhk (Neal McDonough). Miller’s Captain Cold also met a heroic demise on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. However, it seems like just in the comics, death may be deferred, or at least tampered with. While the Lazarus Pit has been shut down on Arrow, there could be other avenues for how the characters can live, be it through time travel, magic, or even a surprise resurrection; not to mention that pesky “never was truly dead” trope.

What role Laurel Lance will play in the shows, other than in flashbacks, has yet to be revealed. Miller’s Captain Cold, along with Barrowmann’s Merlyn, have been revealed to be part of the Legion of Doom. Will an alt-verse version of Laurel be part of the Justice Society of America? After all, her character is known to be a founding member of that organization. Meanwhile, another person will be taking on the mantle of Black Canary, and it will be interesting to see what happens when Laurel and her successor cross paths.

Arrow will launch its fifth season later this fall, along with the rest of the CW DC Universe. Word of the Nerd will continue to keep an eye on this story and more, coming out of this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con.


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