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Katsucon 2018 – Most Popular Cosplay Fandoms

Katsucon 2018 Cosplayers At Their Best

Certain things are guaranteed at every convention. Large cosplay meetups, Saturday midday lines for the dealer’s room, other attendees that remind you just how old (or young) you are and the current cosplay obsessions appearing around every corner. Katsucon 2018 in Oxon Hill, Maryland is no stranger to large—ridiculously large—pools of cosplay appearances. And from my perspective, near everyone’s cosplay A-game was on display the entire weekend, including Thursday and Sunday. Seriously, I was dying. A lot of impressive builds were unique and caught my attention immediately. Meanwhile, I was just as easily distracted by the multitudes of cosplayers representing the same few fandoms or characters. I’d like to take a moment (just sit right there) and give the spotlight to those that made up a good chunk of the cosplayer population this past weekend.

Overwatch: Everyone on the Payload

Wanted to start off with an easy one here. Of course, Overwatch cosplayers were out in spades at Katsucon 2018 though it did seem to be fewer than last year. (The 2017 Overwatch photo gathering was at least 300 strong, including myself, and it was organized chaos at its finest.) However, there were still plenty of heroes to go around for selecting.

Quite a few of them were downright incredible, including a Pharah, Mercy and Blackwatch Genji that were on jaw-dropping level. I’m still disappointed I never got to ask the Mercy how she made her chest plate because it was wonderful. One of my good friends was also in charge of the “Dapperwatch” shoot on Friday night where a great turnout of OW lovers appeared in character in their finest to take pictures and be fancy together. WOTN’s very own Riley Sinclair stole the show as Zarya when she had our friend (who was Symmetra) perched on her shoulder. Everyone was gorgeous and super friendly, which are adjectives I can certainly spread to the entirety of the Overwatch community that came out to represent their favorite heroes.

Voltron: No One Needs This Many Lances in One Place

KlanceVoltron Katsucon 2018
That armored Keith? That’s me! Threatening to launch my Lance (NekoNami Cosplay) into space. For probably the 17th time. Photo taken by confused-bird on Tumblr!

With the popularity of Netflix’s reboot of the ’80s cartoon kick-starting a whole new generation of fans, Voltron: Legendary Defender caused a small explosion of new living characters to come on the scene at Katsucon 2018. While I was one of them, donning the Red Paladin armor of Keith, I was still somewhat surprised at just how many people appeared for the 4 PM Voltron shoot at the notorious Katsucon fountains. Many fans, many cosplays (canon and not) and many ships were present. Throughout the weekend, it seemed like no matter where I turned, there was at least a Blue Paladin Lance running amuck. And in true Keith spirit, I say, “No one needs that many Lances.” But as a fan, I was at least pleased to see all the love for such a great series.

Final Fantasy: That’s a Lot of Chocobros - Katsucon 2018

Final Fantasy will always and forever be a favorite for cosplayers. No matter how old we get, the series is ingrained in us and new fans will keep it going after we’re all long gone. However, I’m always a little taken aback by just how many people show up dressed as their favorite Final Fantasy character.

One in particular stuck out like a sore Chocobo butt, and that’s Prompto. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Prompto cosplayers peppered throughout a con. EVER. Now I’m a fan of him for sure and he’s even on my to do list, but…damn. There was a metric ton of the blond gunner from Final Fantasy XV all weekend. Of course, there were others roaming around, including Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, Cid, and Cindy, but combining all of them from where I’m standing wouldn’t match up to the sheer Prompto force that was out and about. Impressive, to say the least. Once you include the other FF titles, though, then it evens out. But only then.

My Hero Academia: School’s Out and So Are The Cosplays

Now I haven’t had the time to watch or read this one. But I could throw a rock any direction at Katsucon and I guarantee I’d pelt a My Hero Academia cosplayer. It was actually quite incredible to see it everywhere and many of the representations seemed to be near perfection. Wig-work from the popular anime/manga made me drool a number of times with perfectly-sculpted spikes and brilliant colors. A few people I happened across from the fandom went the extra mile, going for characters with their powers (quirks I believe they’re called) activated, and using amazing makeup and foam work to differentiate themselves. Honestly seeing so many of the characters this weekend reminded me that I need to start the anime and soon. Because they look incredible. And I want a piece of the cosplay action.

So Many Cosplays, Too Many Unknowns

No doubt I missed plenty of the favorites from Katsucon 2018 by not being “in the know”. Did you attend and notice a show, game or manga that simply seemed to pop up everywhere you looked? Leave a comment and let me know!

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