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Katsucon: A Convention Review in Photos


Katsucon has come and gone… for those of us that were unable to go, the question is: how was it? I got a few cosplayers, con-goers, and photographers to share Katsucon from their own eyes!

What is Katsucon?

Katsucon is known as a paradise to cosplayers and photographers alike. People bring out their best cosplays to be shot at the epic scenery Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center has to offer every year. You can also find arrays of cosplay groups where multiple people will cosplay characters from a series, video game, or movie. Photoshoots and groups are set up and scheduled all weekend long, and it’s a wonderful time to interact and mingle with fellow cosplayers.

This year’s attendees had the luck of having 70-degree weather as opposed to the usual freezing temperatures National Harbor is known for. There was no concern in what to wear or when to wear it this time around!

As someone who couldn’t attend, the best part is checking out the photos that come out of a con weekend – and this event was no exception! Check out the gallery below to see all sorts of Katsu-goodness from this year’s convention. And a major thank you to Luna Mirage Art, Freeze Frame Foto, Fairwind Cosplay, Rose-Maiden Cosplay, Joey Render Industries, and Mike Napalm for sharing their photos with us!




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Rizuki Ann

… a computer technician, marketing director, and graphic designer by day, and an anime-loving, video game-playing cosplayer by night. Rizuki hosts various workshops, panels, and photoshoots at multiple conventions and events throughout Long Island, New York, and on the East Coast. Her focus is Cos-Positivity, inclusivity in the cosplay community, being a resource for new cosplayers, and uniting the Sailor Moon Fandom. Most of her shenanigans can be found on her Instagram.

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