Keno – Virtual Reality and Live Gaming

Keno may be one of the popular non-traditional games that are featured at an online casino. This game is easy to play and can offer some great potential payouts. But you may want to discover another Keno option that can be enjoyed online. Each online casino that offers a Keno game will have a different paytable and the house edge tends to be quite high. These games are still a popular choice. But you may want to take some time to learn about virtual reality Keno games; these are also played online or by using your mobile devices.

With a virtual reality Keno game, you will enjoy the same experience you would if you were to visit a land location to play the game. If you like that type of gameplay but cannot always access a retail location or a casino venue, a VR casino may be the best solution. This version of the game is just like the original online version; there are no special rules that are in play. However, you can make use of Keno strategy and with this game, you will enjoy a more realistic experience than you would with an online casino as the game combines aspects of gambling with video gaming.

Keno – Virtual Reality and Live GamingThe VR experience provides a 3D view of the game and you will be able to place your bets with ease and enjoy instant payouts when a game has ended. All aspects of the Keno game are the same as with online play. The main difference is a more realistic presentation of the game and a video game feeling.

Try Live Keno Games

If you have played Keno in the past, either at a land venue or online, you will know that this lottery-style game can lead to some great payouts. While the standard online version of the game that is found at most casino sites tends to be rather boring, you have another option. Some sites have introduced Live Keno to their Live Dealer platform.

With this version of the game, you will be able to watch as balls are drawn in a live setting. You will also see all game results immediately posted. The typical live Keno game will offer numbers from 1 to 80; you will see a live HD feed and a live dealer present. The majority of operating live-dealer casinos will allow you to choose up to 15 numbers on a single keno card. The game will start after you make your selection and choose a betting option. Live Keno games are usually available every 2 to 3 minutes; they are all played in real-time with no lag.

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to engage in Keno action, be sure to check out these VR and Live options. There are so many new casinos emerging and many live dealer sites! You will be able to find Keno options that will provide you with realistic gameplay and instant results.

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