Kevin Smith Asks Jamie Lee Curtis to Join Film

Smith and Curtis to Team?

L-R Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Smith on the IMDb boat
(L-R) Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Smith on the IMDb boat

Kevin Smith’s star is definitely riding high. He is one of the biggest icons in nerd culture, has directed numerous episodes of DC superhero shows, and came back roaring from a heart attack. However, the New Jersey native will be best known for his films in the “View Askew Universe”. Starting with the cult classic Clerks and continuing in films such as Chasing Amy and Dogma, Smith has built a mini-empire of comedies. These comedies have many things in common: a certain convenience store, slackers of all ages, and pop culture references galore. But most important are two reoccurring characters: the stoners and travelers Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith). 

The next film in the series, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, is about to start filming in February. While the cast hasn’t been fully announced, Smith has his eyes on someone to join. That would be the original scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis.

Curtis to View Askew?

Smith made the pitch to Curtis last year during his hosting duties for IMDB’s SDCC broadcasts. On Sunday, he made it again via his Twitter account:

In the video, Smith teased Curtis about never being in his films. She shot back that he never hired her. While he agreed with her quickly, even in the video, you could see the wheels turning in his head. 

The question is, of course, what role the famed scream queen would play. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is about the titular pair going back to Hollywood to “to stop a reboot of ‘Bluntman and Chronic’ movie from getting made.” This is, of course, jokingly similar to the plot of the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, where the constantly high duo tried to stop the movie from being made. In that film, however, were numerous pop culture special appearances, including Mark Hamill and the late Carrie Fisher. Could Curtis be another special appearance? As of right now, the only known character other than the two titular characters cast would be Dante from the Clerks movies, played, as always, by Brian O’Halloran. 

There is no release date yet for the film. Stay tuned to Word of the Nerd for more news…and remember what Jay and Bob learned the Internet is for.

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