Kevin Smith On “Jay and Silent Bob” Reboot

Ten To One Hundred Real Quick

Kevin Smith is hard at work on his anticipated reboot to his “Jay and Silent Bob” series and apparently, it’s going really well. In a post on his social medias, he points out that on day one of the shoot they got through 9 pages of the 90 page script. I don’t know how many of y’all have worked on a film before, but 9 pages in one day are ridiculous. If they were to be able to keep up with this pace the film would be done with principal photography in 10 days.

Smith also gives credit to his fellow cast mates and friends, Jason Mews and Jason Lee, in the post. They’ve been working together and spitting “tongue-twisting dialogue about pop culture” since 1995. I want to point out Smith and friends have been nerding out and making amazing content since I was 4 years old . . . I feel really old now, but getting to watch Kevin Smith get back to his original series is so fun.

Kevin Smith And What You Should Know  

If you don’t know Kevin Smith he is one of the original independent filmmakers to break into the industry on his own dime. He was an avid comic book collector and he wanted to film his original script and first movie “Clerks”. This was before affordable film equipment and he did it in his own backyard of New Jersey. If you’ve never seen “Clerks” I highly recommend it because it was one of the most honest films to dive into nerd culture. 

From there Kevin Smith has continued to make movies, television shows, comics, web-series, podcast, live events, and conventions. I’ll throw his IMDb profile just to give you an idea of how much he’s actually done. Smith has shown us the dedication and joy it takes to make a career in this industry. 

Sound Off

So are you excited for the “Jay and Silent Bob” Reboot? What do you hope to see from it? What do you want to see from Kevin Smith next? Let me know down in the comments below!



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