Keya Morgan Arrested for Elder Abuse

Stan Lee (L) and Keya Morgan


Stan Lee’s Former Business Manager is Facing Elder Abuse Charges

We’ve been hearing the news and speculation about the allegations against Keya Morgan for months. But it seems like police have found credible evidence. News is that the Lost Angeles Police Department has arrested Keya Morgan.

The Charges

Keya Morgan arrested for elder abuse and other charges
Keya Morgan

On Saturday the Lost Angeles Police Department arrested Keya Morgan. His warrant had the following charges listed: One count of false imprisonment (elder adult). Three counts of grand theft (from elder or dependent adult) which comes alongside a special aggravated white collar crime loss due to the amount being over $100,000. And one count of elder abuse.

The Investigation

The police have been working on this investigation since March, so one can hope that they found enough evidence to make these charges stick. It probably doesn’t need to be said just how serious these crimes are.

False Imprisonment

The false imprisonment charge originated from a period in June of 2018. During that time Morgan had moved Stan Lee to a condo in Beverly Hills. But Lee was removed (or rescued, depending on how you want to look at it). That happened after it was found that Morgan was placing false 911 calls. We won’t point out that false 911 calls are a crime in and of themselves…oh wait.

The police believe that the false 911 calls were made in an attempt to take control of the situation. The presumed goal was to make Stan Lee feel like he was in danger.

Grand Theft

Keya Morgan is facing grand theft charges for sums he allegedly collected in Stan Lee’s name. Money that Stan Lee never received. They are referring to an autograph session that occurred back in May of 2018. That single session brought in $262,000 in revenue. However, that money never made it to Stan Lee’s accounts.


Understandably, Keya Morgan’s bail is quite high. The bail has been set for $300,000. We don’t have any updates yet on when the trial will be. 

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