Kickstarter Hot Picks – May 16-31, 2018

Kickstarter Hot Picks – May 16-31, 2018

Kickstarter is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects. 2017 marked the first time that the Games category took the top spot on Kickstarter, with the number of Tabletop Games projects having grown significantly, up 18% from 2016.

Tabletop Games have constantly grown over the past few years, both in terms of the total amount of money raised, and the number of projects funded. After a record year in 2016, the subcategory grew again, by +36% in 2017. The number of funded projects grew by +20%. There is no doubt that Kickstarter is a serious driving force in the content being supplied in the board gaming industry.

In the latest roundup of Kickstarter Hot Picks, we journal in our tabletop adventure companion notebook, enjoy a redesigned classic, and play as pirates to capture the flag.

Let’s take a look at these hot Kickstarter campaigns…

HeroBook – The 5E Player Character Notebook*

*My Kickstarter Backing Pick for May 2018

HeroBook, by Material Components, is the essential tabletop adventure companion, with a reusable character sheet, 5E rules, references & tools, all in a deluxe notebook. By simply using it to help you play the game and recording your account of the stories you weave with your friends, you create an artifact of your character’s saga that will last a lifetime.


HeroBook is a beautifully-bound A5 notebook packed with rules and references for 5th Edition. It contains everything you need to play the game in a quick, easy reference format. There is a reusable character sheet on the inside cover that works with wet and dry erase markers. Write and erase your hit points, track your spell slots, and update your ability modifiers as your hero’s story grows. A full character section inside the book records your more permanent details, and a second reusable surface on the inside back cover gives you extra space for erasable notes.

At the back of your HeroBook are plenty of blank note pages to keep track of spells, equipment, or anything else your quest might throw at you. The unique 4-in-1 note paper combines lines for writing, grids and isometric dots for maps, and blank pages for sketching. With time, use, and customization, your HeroBook grows into an artifact of your character’s adventures. And if they ever should face defeat, it becomes a cherished relic of memorable moments.

A pledge of $29 CAD (approx. $23 USD) receives one HeroBook. Backers receive updates throughout the campaign, and the opportunity to influence the final product through feedback. Backers also get a PDF version of the book’s contents once it is finalized.

The campaign ends on Thursday, May 24, 2018. The project has reached its goal and is currently 234% funded.


Alhambra Designers’ Edition

Queen Games introduces the Exclusive Alhambra Designers’ Edition. It includes all-new artwork for the base game and all expansions. The Mega Box includes larger tiles for better visual appeal. There is new box artwork and tile dispenser tower. In addition, there are several stretch goals to unlock.

Alhambra Designers' Edition
Alhambra Designers’ Edition

Like the building it is named after, Alhambra, the international award-winning game from Dirk Henn, has become a landmark in the board game world. It has been translated into more than 25 languages and has won countless awards, including the coveted “Spiel des Jahres” in 2003. In its 15 years of existence, the Alhambra family has grown significantly. It now includes six expansions, totaling 24 modules, and several standalone games.

There are several new expansions from famous designers: Dirk Henn, Stefan Feld, Klaus Jürgen Wrede, Emanuele Ornella, Marko Ruskowski and Macel Süßelbeck, Mike Elliot, Michael Schacht and Michael Rieneck and Rüdiger Dorn.

The Get to Know Designers’ Edition pledge of €39 (approx. $47 USD) receives the base game (with new artwork), Tile Dispenser Tower, and 3 expansions (Traveling Craftsmen, The Towers of Power, and The Alhambra Zoo), and all unlocked stretch goals. The Silver Level pledge of €55 (approx. $66 USD) receives all of the above, plus The New Building Ground and The Extensions expansions. The Gold Level pledge of €75 (approx. $89 USD) receives all of the above, plus 3 more expansions (The Handymen, Fresh Color, and one yet unnamed expansion). There is also a Just Expansions Designers’ Edition pledge of €60 (approx. $72 USD) that just includes all of the expansions.

The campaign ends on Friday, May 25, 2018. The project has reached its goal and is currently 2,483% funded.


The Pirate’s Flag

The Pirate’s Flag is a dice-rolling, card-playing, capture the flag adventure from CardLords.

Each player takes the role of a Pirate Captain and commands a unique Pirate ship to move through The Serpent’s Pass, gathering cards that will help them manipulate dice, modify rolls, and even move other ships.

The Pirate's Flag
The Pirate’s Flag

Players will roll dice as they move their ships along the pass gathering supplies and battling for the flag. The Pirate’s Flag gives you lots of options on how to move: stop at a Trading Post, backtrack and prepare an ambush, or speed ahead down a waterfall. The strategy is up to you. Every time you pass one of the docks, you’ll draw a card, which can be played on anyone’s turn. Every card in the game is unique so no two games will be the same.

There are two times when a player may stop their movement early: at a Trading Post, or to initiate a battle. Trading posts allow players to stop their movement and discard a card.  If you discard a card, you draw two new cards. When a player has the flag and heads back for The Dread Sea, you can stop your movement on their location to initiate a battle. Battles are 1 vs. 1 die roll, with the highest roll winning. There must always be a clear winner; there are no ties in battle!

The base pledge of $29 receives The Pirate’s Flag base game. The CardLords Bundle pledge of $55 receives the base game, plus the Kickstarter editions of their previous two games: BattleGoats and Take the Gold.

The campaign ends on Thursday, May 17, 2018. The project has reached its goal and is currently 131% funded.


Other Cool Kickstarter Campaigns

Other Cool Kickstarter Campaigns
Other Cool Kickstarter Campaigns
  • No Escape
    No Escape is a is a fast-paced, strategic maze-building take-that tile game for 2-8 players. Use actions against each other, Play Maze tiles to increase the maze for your opponents, and move using a creative dice system. A game takes approximately 30-60 minutes. Easy setup and take-down time makes it an ideal game for travel or family events. Be the first to find the escape pod. For everyone else, there is No Escape.
  • Moms Unfiltered – Girl’s Night Has Finally Arrived!
    Moms Unfiltered will have you laughing out loud as you get a little raunchy with your girlfriends. Open a bottle of wine and enjoy. Moms Unfiltered is your judgement-free zone. So you can vent about things that have driven you absolutely crazy throughout the week.
  • CubeYourLife
    The Cube connects to your smartphone to play: your smartphone talks and becomes the Master of the game. 80 games in the App, no Wifi required, no rules to read, have fun wherever you are, whenever you want… let us introduce you your new game companion: Cube Your Life!
  • Launch Mode: a wise-up, wisecracking career game
    A wacky card game for the over-enthused, the under-employed, and everyone in between! Our game is simple—each round, one player poses a career-related “worst case” scenario, and all other players submit their best, funniest, or cheekiest response. We think if you’ve laughed your way through an absurd scenario, you might just be more prepared when the real deal comes around.


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