Are Kids Who Play Violent Video Games Dangerous?

Minecraft is Evil!

It has happened again, my fellow gamer friends. There’s a study out that goes into whether or not kids who play violent video games are more likely to handle a gun. Thanks to Game Rant for breaking down some of the details of this study. The study took place at Ohio State University within the Department of Psychology. They had 220 kids, from the ages of 8 through 12. They divided the kids within 3 groups, based on the 3 versions of the game Minecraft: No violence, sword and shield, and one with a gun.

video game violence, again
Minecraft: Steve’s got a gun!

After playing the respective games for 20 minutes, they took the kids into a room with toys and disabled guns. Now, I’m not going to go into all the numbers—I’ll link you to the article here to check that out—but basically the study “showed” that kids who played the gun version were more likely to play with the real gun.

What Does This Mean?

I’m glad you asked… Nothing. Seriously, since the beginning of video games this story of violent games making kids violent has been tossed out there. There have been many studies and there has never been a conclusive study to prove this statement. 

If you look into studies of this nature, there tend to be variables that the researchers just seem to miss. The researchers did admit that they had to limit their study to a game that was suitable for the age group. So, hard to tell how much of the little bit of violence in a game like Minecraft actually affected the kids within this allotted minimal time. 

Final Thoughts

Yeah, I think studies like this do no good for anyone. It doesn’t show any hard evidence and I think there are better ways to deal with the whole “Video Games Make Kids Violent” debacle. I’ve played video games my whole life and all sorts of violent games and I’ve yet to be violent towards another human because ummm, yeah, its a game. Teach kids what’s real and what’s fake and go from there. Yeah, that’s my final thoughts on that.

Sound Off

So what do you think? Does video games make kids violent? Are you violent from playing video games? Let me know down below!

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