King of the Monsters: King Kong or Godzilla?

King Kong vs. Godzilla – Who Will Win?

Both Godzilla and King Kong have relatively large fanbases in the kaiju community. The two famous kaiju shared the screen in 1962, in one of the highest grossing Godzilla films of all time, King Kong vs. Godzilla. In two more years, Kong and Godzilla will share the screen again in 2020. More than likely, it will be marketed as a fight to the death. However, we all know that the studios will be unwilling to kill off either of these beloved monsters. For the sake of argument, let’s just pretend that one of them may not make it out alive. Thus, one must ask, who would win, Godzilla or King Kong?


In 2014, Gareth Edwards gave audiences a version of Godzilla that many had been waiting for. Edwards’s film portrayed Godzilla as an antediluvian monster that is larger than life. Godzilla is a giant, atomic fire-breathing reptile that could care less about people. His sole purpose is to destroy. According to producer Shogo Tomiyama, Godzilla is like a “god of destruction. He totally destroys everything…[and from the ashes] [s]omething new and fresh can begin.”

Godzilla Wallpaper
Godzilla Wallpaper

In Edwards’s Godzilla, the creature is around 355 feet tall and weighs 90,000 tons. To put that in perspective, that’s taller than the Statue of Liberty by 50 feet. Additionally, he’s heavier than anything on planet Earth. Most of that weight is probably muscle, which makes this Godzilla a force to be reckoned with.

Godzilla (2014) showcased two new creatures that were referred to as MUTOs. The female was almost as tall as Godzilla and weighed just as much. The male was shorter, around 300 feet and weighed about 30,000 tons. While Godzilla did defeat the MUTOs, they almost killed him. They bit him, stabbed him, threw him into buildings. Each time, Godzilla managed to get back on his feet and take down the MUTOs in a brutal display of animalistic violence. 

King Kong

kong skull island
kong skull island

Some readers may be thinking back to the end of the original King Kong vs. Godzilla. In that film, King Kong actually won thanks to some lightning ex-machina. However, that does not mean that the past will repeat itself in the forthcoming remake. Therefore, I can only go off of how King Kong was represented in Kong: Skull Island. While Skull Island gave audiences the largest version of Kong thus far, he’s tiny compared to Godzilla. According to the Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of Skull Island, King Kong is a little over 100 feet tall. That means he’s probably about 1,400 metric tons (roughly 1,540 US tons).

If the new Kong is only 100 feet tall and only weighs 1,540 tons, then he’s going to be at a huge disadvantage when he faces Godzilla. However, there is a possibility that Kong could drink some mystical water that makes him taller. But, let’s ignore that for the moment. Let’s just focus on King Kong’s abilities. Kong is great with his fists and he is great at crushing things. He can definitely scale things, which means he can definitely body slam whatever is beneath him. In Skull Island, Kong crushed people, smacked aerial vehicles out of the sky, and ripped Skullcrawlers apart with his bare hands.

The Ultimate Battle

As I mentioned before, Godzilla has the ability to breathe atomic fire, use his tail to stun and kill enemies, he’s got a powerful bite, and he can very easily crush anything. Kong, on the other hand, can probably bite things and can smash and rip things apart. However, Godzilla is much larger than Kong. Therefore, the King of Monsters could reign supreme by merely stomping on Kong. Godzilla can also breathe fire and burn Kong alive. He could very easily bite Kong’s head off.

Let’s say for the sake of the argument that Kong does size-up. If that happens, then he will have a chance. Kong will be able to lift Godzilla by the tail and throw him through some buildings. He could very easily throw things at Godzilla in order to stun or even impale him. Kong can easily punch and smash Godzilla’s skull, as well.

However, one thing that Skull Island did not show audiences was whether or not Kong can swim. I’ll say that he probably can, but he’s not very good at it. If he were, I think at one point or another, that would have been shown. Therefore, Kong is at another disadvantage. Godzilla could easily grab him and drag the ape into the depths and drown him.

One could argue that Kong fought Skullcrawlers – reptilian creatures – for centuries and is ready to face Godzilla. However, the Skullcrawlers were a few feet smaller than Kong and they almost killed him. So, how is he going to be able to withstand the might of Godzilla? Though, one could say the same of Godzilla and his fight with the MUTOs. In that situation, the female MUTO was just as tall as Godzilla and weighed just as much. They were equal. Therefore, the female – along with the help of the small male – was more a challenge for Godzilla.

Kings of Monsters?

I think, if Kong remains 100 feet, then his fight with Godzilla will be very short. If Kong sizes up, then the fight could be fair. Though, Godzilla still has one major advantage: a projectile attack. Godzilla still has his atomic flames. Not to mention, he still has a massive tail for short and long-range attacks. Either way, the chances of King Kong defeating Godzilla are slim.

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah wallpaper
Godzilla vs King Ghidorah wallpaper

However, it is likely that King Kong and Godzilla will become kings of the monsters. During Kong’s post-credit scene, audiences saw references to Mothra and King Ghidorah, to name just a couple. Therefore, they may have to put their differences aside if the studios decide that Kong and Godzilla must band together. If that is the case, then we may never learn who would really win the ultimate battle for dominance in kaiju world.


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