Kit Harington Primed for Debut in the MCU


The Right Fit for Kit

As one Stark exits the MCU, another one enters. Rumors of Kit Harington joining the fold circulate back to 2018. We can now confirm the rumors are true and that an agreement has been reached.

Kit Harington set to join the MCU
Kit Harington as Catesby in HBO’s Gunpowder

Famously, Harington portrayed Jon Snow on HBO’s Game of Thrones. The show ran its eight-season course back in May of this year. The mixed reaction to the finale cast a certain shroud over many of the actors. It brought the question of whether there would be life beyond the show.

Series with a massive following find the actors struggling to be seen as anyone other than the character they have played so long. In the case of Harington, this was a distinct possibility, given his initial failed endeavour to light up the box office. Spooks wasn’t well-received by critics or monetarily beneficial to the studio. Pompeii flopped in terms of international sales. A boost from a high-profile role in an MCU film may be the spark needed for the actor to step out of Jon Snow’s shadow.

Who Is It to Be?

As of now, there is only speculation as to who Harington will be playing. The frontrunner among the fanbase online is Wolverine. Given Disney’s intent to bring the X-Men universe into the fold, the suggestion of a brand new Logan with one of television’s top stars is not a massive leap. The Russo brothers have stated that at some point there will be a new Wolverine for the MCU. With Kit Harington attached, the confirmation may come sooner rather than later.

Disney+ is on the horizon and is promising a range of Marvel series. One of note, in this case, is Moon Knight, another favourite among fans for the burning question of who Harington will be.

There is potential that Harington will be a relative unknown to casual audiences. The next MCU production for the big screen is The Eternals, a niche team even by comic fans’ standards that now has a movie in the works. Interesting in this case is Richard Madden, a lead actor in the upcoming Eternals film. Madden is recognisable as being Harington’s brother on Game of Thrones. A big-budget on-screen reunion for the two actors would be a winning combination for audiences and the actors themselves. We have seen no villain for the upcoming Eternals production. A departure from Harington’s past would be to cast him as a villainous presence. The valiant Jon Snow turned venomous evildoer would be a nice change of pace for Kit Harington’s career.

The Mystery Continues

Whether he will be Wolverine, Moon Knight or a villain of sorts, Harington’s gravitas from his long tenure on GoT will surely bring a legitimacy to whichever role. From carrying the lead in a series of that magnitude, there is a definite sense that there is more to this actor than it seems. We look forward to seeing what the future will bring for Kit Harington and for the fans.


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