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It Is Known – Episode 27 – Blood of My Blood

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It Is Known Is Back!!!

Season six of Game of Thrones has begun and with it comes a new season of  It Is Known, Word of the Nerd‘s podcast dedicated to the smash HBO series Game of Thrones.  This season we’re almost completely off the books so even our avid book readers have no knowledge of what might happen from episode to episode.  This season we’ve expanded our cast so there will be new cast members rotating in and out of each episode.  This week Bryan Brown, Janel McClain, Mia Faller and Riley Sinclair are discussing this week’s episode Blood of My Blood.

Bran and Meera are saved by Bran’s long lost uncle Benjen who warns Bran that he must learn to control the Three-Eyed Raven’s power soon.  Sam takes Gilly to his family’s home where his father learns of Gilly’s heritage.  Margaery is spared her walk of atonement as an army of Tyrell soldiers are about to force the High Sparrow to release her and her brother.  Tommen strips Jaime of his command of the King’s Guard and sends him to break the siege at Riverrun.  Daenerys secures the loyalty of her new Dothraki army.





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