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It Is Known – Episode 29 – No One

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It Is Known Is Back!!!

Season six of Game of Thrones has begun and with it comes a new season of  It Is Known, Word of the Nerd‘s podcast dedicated to the smash HBO series Game of Thrones.  This season we’re almost completely off the books so even our avid book readers have no knowledge of what might happen from episode to episode.  This season we’ve expanded our cast so there will be new cast members rotating in and out of each episode.  This week Bryan Brown, Janel McClain, Candice Davis and Riley Sinclair are discussing this week’s episode No One.

Arya finds a safe haven with Lady Crane.  The Hound meets up again with the Brotherhood Without Banners to enact revenge for the slaughter of Ray’s sept.  Cersei is denied trial by combat by King Tommen and has to devise a new scheme with Qyburn.  Brienne and Pod arrive at Riverrun and meet with Jaime and Bronn.  The Masters break their deal with Tyrion and attack the city of Meereen.  Arya returns to Jaqen H’ghar after another confrontation with the Waif.  Brienne urges the Blackfish to end the siege at Riverrun in order to help Sansa and Jon.




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