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It Is Known – Episode 30 – Battle of the Bastards

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Season six of Game of Thrones has begun and with it comes a new season of  It Is Known, Word of the Nerd‘s podcast dedicated to the smash HBO series Game of Thrones.  This season we’re almost completely off the books so even our avid book readers have no knowledge of what might happen from episode to episode.  This season we’ve expanded our cast so there will be new cast members rotating in and out of each episode.  This week Bryan Brown, Janel McClain, Candice Davis, Mia Faller and Riley Sinclair are joined by special guest Christine Skelly as we discuss this week’s episode Battle of the Bastards.

Daenerys returns to Meereen as the Masters lay siege to the city.  She meets with three of the Masters to negotiate terms of surrender.  Jon and Sansa meet with Ramsey Bolton before their two armies clash on the battlefield.  Sansa argues with Jon not to allow himself to be baited into a trap by Ramsey.  On the morning of the battle, Ramsey releases Rickon but his generosity is short lived and the two armies collide in bloody combat.  The Greyjoys make a pact with Daenerys in exchange for the Iron Fleet.  Ser Davvos makes a shocking discovery that sets him on a path of revenge.




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