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It Is Known – Episode 31 – The Winds of Winter

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It Is Season Finale!!!

It is hard to believe that we are the end of another season of Game of Thrones.  As the sixth season comes to a spectacular close, so does this season of It Is Known.  We take you out in as grand a fashion as the series itself with a full and in-depth discussion of this episode as well as our thoughts and theories for next season.  So as you wait out the next year, eagerly awaiting April 2017 and season 7 of Game of Thrones, please take the time to listen to It Is Known and get a perspective of the show only fans can have.  In our season finale, Bryan Brown, Janel McClain, Mia Faller, Candice Davis, Riley Sinclair and returning guest Christine Skelly break down one of the best episodes of GoT to date The Winds of Winter.

Before there was The Godfather, there was Cersei Lannister and in true Corleone fashion, she launches her scheme to rid herself of her enemies.  The consequences of which will be felt well into next season as Cersei seizes the Iron Throne for herself.  In the wake of Cersei declaring war on the Tyrells and on Dorne, Olenna Tyrell receives an offer from Ellaria and the Sand Snakes that she cannot refuse.  Bran, using his new powers as the Three-Eyed Raven discovers a shocking secret about Jon Snow.  With newly found allies and her dragons soaring overhead, Daenerys finally sets sail to Westeros to retake the Iron Throne.



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