Lesser-Known Comic Books to Read While at Home


Comic Books You May Have Missed 

Hey everyone, I know it is an odd, strange time in the world right now, with everything being shut down and being confined to our living places more. So, with not going out as much, you may have a bit more time on your hands. Everyone is offering reading lists, movies or television shows to watch, and there are a ton of great ones out there. I wanted to highlight some maybe lesser-known comic books that you may want to check out while you are hunkered down.

Teen Dog

comic books you might have missed

I think the cover of Teen Dog says it all. Pizza, skateboards, sunglasses; meet the raddest teen around: the aptly-named Teen Dog. Jake Lawrence unleashes the world of Teen Dog upon your eyes. Teen Dog feels like something familiar but yet wholly original as well. Like your favorite teen movie, but mashed with a weirdness that is all Jake Lawrence. Full of fun and laughter, with some poignant, touching points you won’t see coming. Jake Lawrence brings this wonderful adventure to life with a delightful cartooning style. Teen Dog is something you do not want to miss out on; it is just pure fun.

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is a little book I figure a ton of people have missed out on. Only running four issues, the book follows the Soliz brothers. After an event named “the breach”, all other types of creatures inhabit Earth. Ghost, werewolves, zombies, etc… these unearthly creatures try to fit in with normal life. The Soliz brothers have a special knack for solving crimes of a supernatural nature and these four issues have them on quite a caper. Oh, did I mention one of them was a luchador wrestler?! What a wonderful combination of supernatural, crime, and family drama that won’t disappoint you. You can check out my reviews for all four issues here

Heads up: I can only find this to purchase digitally on Dark Horse’s website here. Make sure you pick up the Dynamite Comics version, not the other series.


comic books

Wulfborne is a three-issue series that came out not too long ago, that caught me completely by surprise. As a swordsman travels through destitute places to save his love, his adventure becomes a nightmare. Full of wonderful vivid imagery by writer and artist Brian Middleton, Wulfborne has a story and visuals that will stick with you long after reading it. It has a delightfully wonderful gloomy vibe along with a sword and sorcery theme. A man, a cat, a magic sword and lots of adventure. After the adventure, you will want more and more of Wulfborne.

I can’t find this on comiXology, either, but you can get it off Scout Comics’ website.

The Mall

The Mall #1 (Scout Comics) cover by Rafael Loureiro

Do you like ’80s teen movies like Pretty in Pink? The Breakfast Club? Do you like mob movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas? Would you like something that combined both of those? Well, my friend, you are in luck, as The Mall does just that. Three teens find that they have a mob connection and their lives are forever changed. The Mall is a surprisingly well-done comic book. Combing these two themes should not work as well as The Mall does! But it makes one terrific comic.

Another one you can only get on the Scout Comics website


Brother Nash

comic books you might have missed - Brother Nash Vol. 1 (Titan Comics) trade paperback cover by Bridgit Connell

Truck-driving werewolf, monster fighter. There is a lot to love about Brother Nash. Bridgit Connell does some tremendous character work through the issue, getting us in the passenger seat with lead character Nashoba. It is a fun, action-packed read that is hard to put down. Connell also does fantastic cartooning, bringing zombie bugs, werewolves, and all sorts of other craziness to life. Brother Nash is a fantastic road adventure story. Hard-traveling times need a hard-traveling hero, and Brother Nash is just that guy.


Cold Blood Samurai

Cold Blood Samurai #1 (Action Lab) cover by Ludovica Ceregatti

As the Samurai frogs try to stop the invading Western lizards, one Gaijin salamander looks for his destiny. If you are a fan of Clint Eastwood “man with no name” type westerns, or epic war movies, then Cold Blood Samurai is right up your alley. It is filled with splendid visuals and some great orchestrated action. Cold Blood Samurai brings a different look to a much-told story. Having lizards and frogs replace human characters might seem odd. But it works tremendously well.



Spencer and Locke

comic books you might have missed

Calvin and Hobbes meets gritty crime/psychological thriller. With two volumes under its belt, you should not be overlooking Spencer and Locke. Though the premise might seem odd or just a gimmick, once you dig into the series, the creative team delivers a wonderful original series and story. It is a supremely psychological series that digs into our main character’s psyche and what made him the way he is. It is a gritty crime book with touchingly human soft spot.



Those are just a few entries of comic books you may have overlooked recently. You can pick most of them up on comiXology or through Kindle pretty easily, except for The Mall/Wulfborne, which can be gotten through Scout Comics’ website. Also, Blood Brothers can only be found on Dark Horse’s website. Don’t forget, if you have a local library they usually have a nice digital selection of books and comic books, as well, to check out. Obviously there is also a wealth of digital comics options with Marvel Unlimited and others. I just wanted to highlight some maybe lesser-known properties. These are all pretty recent selections, but I know there are a ton more, so if you have a suggestion of maybe a lesser-known property people should maybe check out, let us know in the comments.

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