Liefeld Says Goodbye to Image Comics’ Youngblood

Rob Liefeld


Youngblood—A Brand New Image for Comics

Heralded as a new wave of rock stars, the creators of Image Comics paved the way for a fresh generation of original ideas. Housed within the publisher were artists seeking to make their mark outside of the bubble of the big two giants of DC and Marvel. Creator-focused properties brought success, allowing their talent pool to flourish with alternatives to the comic norms of the time. One such success story from that crop is Rob Liefeld, a founder of the company and the creator of its launch title, Youngblood.

Rob Liefeld
Rob Liefeld

For the better part of three decades, the property has undergone multiple revivals with new lineups of the squad and throwbacks to its initial run. Recently, Rob Liefeld came to announce that he would no longer be writing for Youngblood.

The Rights for Youngblood

On his official Facebook page, Rob answered the burning question of why there haven’t been any updates in regards to Youngblood. In 2017, the property celebrated its 25th anniversary. No event occurred for the occasion, a curious note to avid followers of the comics. A rights dispute for Youngblood seems to suggest the true reasoning behind this absence.

Where is YOUNGBLOOD? This is the question I get asked repeatedly, at every store signing or comic convention I attend….

Posted by Rob Liefeld on Thursday, 1 August 2019

Cited in the above post is an intention for a transition into theatres. The idea is nixed for the foreseeable future due to Liefeld not giving his blessing. There is a possibility that a studio may acquire the rights and motor forward without Liefeld. However, this unlikely scenario would likely garner backlash from fans.

Liefeld’s Next Step

His resume, formulated in the nineties, lends a favourable case for his other properties to be adapted. We know at this time that there is a feature film in the works for his series, Prophet. The character of Prophet initially debuted in Youngblood, but will now be gracing screens before the team themselves.

Liefeld got tapped to produce the cinematic release. Paired with Liefeld, in this case, is the co-founder of his new comic book publisher, Awesome Comics. No date is slated, but we are aware that Studio 8 Productions will be helming it. 

This closes a chapter of three decades of work on Youngblood. Stranger things have occurred in comics where we could say that Liefeld may work on it again. For the time being, the creator is gracefully stepping away and seeking greener pastures. It will be intriguing to see what Image makes of Youngblood going forward now that Liefeld is no longer at the helm.


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