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The Escapist is a unique, award-winning online magazine devoted to gaming culture. Go there, and you won’t just find reviews and news about the latest releases; you’ll also find essays and critical thought about what games make us feel and think. The men and women behind The Escapist have designed it to be the thinking gamer’s publication.

And now… they’re going one step further.

This fall, The Escapist is throwing its inaugural Escapist Expo from September 14 to 16 at the Durham Convention Center in Durham, North Carolina. The event’s website promises highlights for thousands of attendees, including celebrity speakers, competitive gaming tournaments, live musical performances, panels with industry professionals, dealer exhibits, and cosplay.

Celebrity attendees will include video game personalities like Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, host of the Zero Punctuation video review series. There will be non-gamer personalities, too. Bob “Movie Bob” Chipman, host of the Escape to the Movies series, will be there as well. (Because of course there’s crossover between people who like games and people who like other pop culture candy, like films. The Escapist unites nerds; it doesn’t divide us).

Register today to make sure you don’t miss out on the action later this year. Tickets are $15 for a one-day pass, and $30 for the full three days, so it’s pretty affordable. (And you can bet the hotel prices for Durham are going to be waaaaaay cheaper than they’d be for San Diego during like, Comic-Con and stuff, so really, folks, it’s probably a steal). If you register now, you get free VIP access, as well, so…


Oh, and check out The Escapist’s killer content. It’s got some good stuff if you like to exercise the part of your brain that thinks about the universe and the meaning of life and all that. (And you’re a nerd, so you know you do).

About the author

Hilton Collins

Loves all things science fiction and fantasy, and if he had to choose between video games, comic books, movies, TV shows and novels, he’d have a brain aneurysm. Check out his blog at Twitter: @HiltonCollins

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