Limited Time Only: Get the “Jump” On Your Indie Games For Free!

With the popularity of subscription entertainment such as Netflix and Hulu on the rise, it was only a matter of time before games boarded this train. True Gamefly has been around for some time, delivering game discs to your door for a fixed amount, but what about access to a full library of indie games? Well, look no further than the newest sub contender, Jump.

How Does It Work?

As per the Jump website, the Jump service uses HyperJump game delivery technology via an app that allows the player to enjoy games that are fully “installed” on their device without sopping up a vast amount of disk space and even surpasses download times. Just go into the app, pick your poison and play. Simple, no?

This Sounds Familiar…

If it does, it’s because this is a bit reminiscent of how Steam works. The main difference is that this is all indie games all the time and is a subscription service. The catalog for Jump currently contains 60+ titles for subscribers to enjoy that range from action and adventure to RPG and artsy platformers plus everything in-between. According to Jump, games will have a shelf life of at least a year. But the developers will have opportunities to expand that timespan.

Jump Indie Service
The Jump site is simple, straightforward and to the point. Also, that price tag is pretty sweet.

But What About DLC? Ads? Multiplayer?

Fun fact: no microtransactions! Does that mean no DLC? Nope! If the DLC is made available to Jump, it will be there for the players as well. You and your friends looking for some multiplayer options? No worries! There are party titles for you guys! And in-game ads? Nah. A great little tidbit for those of us who just can’t help but be irritated or distracted by them.

You In?

Anyone on PC, Mac, and Linux can enjoy Jump currently for the low monthly price of $9.99! And yes, Rift and Vive VR devices are even supported!

And right now, Jump has a trial session available if you’re not quite sure, so give it a try free for 14 days and let us know how you feel in the comments on this post!

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