LizardSquad’s DDoS Tool Fails…Epically

Have you ever just sat in the comfort of a warm home and watched a lighting storm outside?  It’s beautiful and dangerous all at once.  It’s a majesty that stands alone from all other forces of nature.  It’s unique.  Fun fact, if you were to stand in the middle of a lighting storm while holding a lightning rod, you stand a sure-fire chance of getting toasted.  But who on earth would be that stupid?  Well, I’ve got some bad news.

Some of you might be familiar with LizardSquad.  If you don’t recognize the name, just know that they’re the group responsible for your holiday woes during Christmas.  Yeah, these are the people that prevented your from playing online with your friends, instead forcing you to listen to the 1977 epic of  Uncle Ralph’s tire repair for the billionth time.  You’re welcome!

It would seem that LizardSquad was looking for some recognition with their ‘life ruining’ (their words) stunt which would allow them to advertise and sell the tool to anyone willing to pay for it.  “Lizard Stresser” can be used to create similar DDoS attacks by the buyer.  Congrats on creating and mass replicating a wonderful tool that will open the doors for countless people to an amazing asshole on the internet.  They’ll finally be able to join the thousands of other internet jocks, and can strut up and down the halls of internet high school once and for all.  There’s only a small hitch: Lizard Stresser isn’t 100% secure, and is also susceptible to attacks from those with more knowledge and know-how of software.

The tool has been infiltrated, and the user database contains all of the personal information that was obtained upon purchase.  KrebsOnSecurity has identified more than 14,241 users from the first month alone.  Every single one of those clients is now potentially at risk for legal recourse should the authorities get their hands on that list of names.  Better luck next time!  A big thanks to LizardSquad for showing all of us what happens when you attach a lightning rod to a lizard.  Mmmmm…who knew lizard could taste so good?

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