Lucasarts Unveils Star Wars 1313

Following very mediocre reviews from its latest release, Star Wars Kinect, Lucasarts has made an official announcement of a new game set in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars 1313 as it is being called will be officially debuted at this year’s E3. There have been a few details released about this upcoming title.

From Coming Soon

LucasArts is diving into the most dangerous depths of the “Star Wars” criminal underworld with their newly announced internally developed videogame franchise, Star Wars 1313. Players will take control of a lethal bounty hunter in the never-before-explored expanses of Level 1313, deep below the surface of Coruscant. Using an arsenal of exotic weaponry to hunt down marks, the player must also uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy in this third-person cinematic action adventure game. It’s a bold new take on the “Star Wars” galaxy, intended for mature audiences.

Promising a strong focus on “epic set pieces” and ” fast-paced combat with a mortal, well-equipped hero who cannot rely on supernatural powers to survive his dangerous environment,” this promises to be a much different experience from many of the more traditional games that Lucasarts has put out in the past which mainly star Jedi in the main role.

Now, onto the real questions. Just who is this bounty hunter that the player is going to be controlling in this game? What era does the game take place in? Who is the enemy going to be? Well, all of that is up for debate.

The first piece of art that we have seen from the game shows a silhouetted character overlooking a facility set in a large ravine with obviously Imperial craft leaving. Okay, we have our time frame set. This game will be set sometime after the Clone Wars, but probably before the events of Episode IV.

But who is the bounty hunter? Well, there’s one obvious choice here. What character would be old enough by canon after the end of the Clone Wars to be an up and coming bounty hunter that wields “an arsenal of exotic weaponry” to do his job?

None other than Boba Fett.

Whether or not the popular speculation is correct remains to be seen, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Keep your eyes glued to Word of the Nerd Online for the latest news coming out of this years E3, on this game, and everything else nerd related. In the meantime, you can watch for more clues on the games website.

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